OK, so we all love The Lemonade Diet. Well…, maybe not LOVE. Sometimes we have a love/hate relationship with The Master Cleanse, but mostly because detox diets, and cleansing is so challenging. But if life wasn’t challenging we would all be very bored.

There is lots to love (or hate) about The Lemonade Diet including the Salt Water Flush, the Lemonade itself, or simply the results –weight loss, or detox. For many people, the Lemonade becomes something to be missed when The Master Cleanse is over. Well let me tell you a few reasons why you might want to do the Lemonade Cleanse Drink everday.

When I first tell people about this technique many immediately ask: “Why would I drink the Lemonade when I am on on The Master Cleanse?” At first I asked the same thing. It seems very logical that you would need to drink large amounts of the Lemonade in order to have a detoxifying or cleansing benefit. While that might be true (for the most part), it doesn’t change the fact that their are benefits to drinking the Lemonade daily.

It is important to remember something that is amazingly often over looked about food. There are properties of food that our bodies need. That might be the biggest DUH statement going, but seriously, eating has become, for many of us, so subordinate to our conscious lives, that we don’t even consider the helping properties of the food we eat –otherwise we would never eat McDonalds or other fast food.

The best way to explain why the Lemonade would be beneficial to our diet on a daily basis, we need only refer back to its ingredients, their properties, and what those properties are said to help with in our bodies, starting with cayenne pepper –The Master Herb.

  1. Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne Pepper is referred to as “The Master Herb” by herbologists. In my opinion, it is the reason why Stanley Burroughs named this diet The Master Cleanse (I have no proof of this what-so-ever). Cayenne acts as a stimulant which increases metabolism and purifies the blood, which inturn increases circulation and aids with many digestive disorders. Cayenne also is know to loosen mucous (where many illness causing toxins are captured and stored. This helps our body eliminate these toxins.
  2. Fresh Juice from a ripe lemon: Although a lemon is an acid food, it is very alkalizing to the body when eaten. Alkaline states in our PH balance ensure a more healthy body. Acidic states cause illness and disease. The acids in the lemon break down calcified substances in the body such as kidney stones and gallstones. Lemon is a natural cleaning agent, making it a very effective natural cure (especially when combined with cayenne pepper) to on-coming colds or the flu. Not only are lemons very high in Vitamin C (as many of us would have guessed), it is also rich in calcium, magnesium potassium, phosophorus, sodium, zinc, copper, selenium and iron. Finally, lemons contain a negative charge molecule property similar to our saliva, that helps us with a process called autolysis (or self digestions), which breaks down unhealthy tissues and cells which are then re-built into new healthy cells.
  3. First Run, Grade A or B Maple Syrup: Maple syrup is often overlooked as simply the energy for our bodies during the cleanse. While on The Lemonade Diet, we do not starve ourselves. We consume sufficient calories to maintain our bodies functions, and we do so largely by the maple syrup (although we do get some calories from the lemon juice as well). There are 2 considerations when Stanley chose first run maple syrup for calories: Nutrient and Vitamin, and glycemic impact. First run maple syrup is rich in nutrients and vitamins, and is considered a whole sugar (not stripped of its essence), which prevents glycemic spikes in our blood sugar levels as refined sugar does. Most other sweeteners are devitalized, and harmful.
  4. Pure Water: Last but certainly not least is water. We all know we are mostly water. And we all are pretty sure the water we drink isn’t very clean or is filled with additives like fluoride, and even anti-biotics. And for most of us in fact we don’t drink nearly enough water at all, regardless of the quality. Water is a universal solvent, and is required for our bodies to do almost everything it does. I believe that the amount of water we drink while on The Master Cleanse, is the primary factor in it’s effects. There are 2 ideas to consider with your water: Alkalinity, and Purity. You want filtered water, removing un wanted particles. You want Alkaline water, which helps our bodies maintain an alkaline state over an acidic one. Try to avoid distilled water. It is cooked, dead, de-vitalized of its natural minerals.

When looking at the benefits of the ingredients above, it is easy to recognize why we would want to continue to drink the lemonade. It is not just for while cleansing during the Master Cleanse. Of course, you won’t be on your regular Lemonade Diet routine, but you still can find time to take the lemonade. You don’t need to take much, or through out the day. You don’t need to practice the detox methods of taking a laxative or the Salt Water Flush.

The most simplest way to enjoy the benefits of the Lemonade daily is to take one, large, fresh glass immediately upon rising. The cocktail of goodness will be a shot in the arm for your body for the rest of the day.