Day 10 is here, and you are feeling one of two things.

You either have had enough, and are SO EXCITED to start drinking orange juice that you couldn’t stand to think of doing it one more day. You are proud of yourself, but still, you’ve had enough. You are ready to call it a wrap and finalize your accomplishment. The Lemonade Diet is over, and you are ready for the Ease-out (and, frankly, would like to chew anything even vaguely edible ASAP).

Or you may be thinking – WOW, I feel great… and I am not sure that I am ready to quit (either because your body is giving your signs that you are not quite cleansed yet, or you are feeling pretty good, and while there is still weight to lose, you may as well keep up the pace). The question then becomes, when is it time to quit? When are you done the Lemonade Diet? When is it time to start the Ease-out?

It is time to quit the Lemonade Diet when you are ready to. It is a personal choice, but there are some signs that you can pay attention to:

1. Are you truly hungry? Hopefully, during this process, you might have begun to recognize what different types of hunger we can have. Your body can signal a physical need for energy – you are shaky, or light headed – so get some food in you in order to get your blood-sugar up. Your psychology might be telling you you’re hungry when you’re actually just bored. Your society might be telling you to eat because it’s that time of day, or season, or an event demands it. But then there is HUNGER. Your body needs long-term and full spectrum nutrition. You are lacking and you are in need. If you ever get to this point, you should begin the Ease-out immediately. It is time to quit the Lemonade Diet.

2. Your physical signals are starting, peaking, or diminishing. Your skin may break out, you may have headaches, your tongue might get white, you may be stuffed up and coughing up mucous, and your breath could stink. If these things are just starting or coming and going, that is a good thing; it’s likely you are cleansing and going through Healing Events. You should probably continue – unless you have genuine HUNGER, as related in item 1. If these events are peaking and you feel a breakthrough, KEEP going a few days – especially if you feel you are on a roll, and are experiencing a natural high. If you are through the events and feel you have no more cleansing to do, finish up and count yourself lucky. Your tongue might be pinker, your breath is healthy, your bowel movements are getting clear, and even your arm-pit sweat doesn’t seem to stink.