Lemonade Diet – Day 10 – Time to Quit?

Day 10 is here, and you are feeling one of two things.

You either have had enough, and are SO EXCITED to start drinking orange juice that you couldn't stand to think of doing it one more day. You are proud of yourself, but still, you've had enough. You are ready to call it a wrap and finalize your accomplishment. The Lemonade Diet is over, and you are ready for the Ease-out (and, frankly, would like to chew anything even vaguely edible ASAP).

Or you may be thinking – WOW, I feel great… and I am not sure that I am ready to quit (either because your body is giving your signs that you are not quite cleansed yet, or you are feeling pretty good, and while there is still weight to lose, you may as well keep up the pace). The question then becomes, when is it time to quit? When are you done the Lemonade Diet? When is it time to start the Ease-out?

It is time to quit the Lemonade Diet when you are ready to. It is a personal choice, but there are some signs that you can pay attention to:

1. Are you truly hungry? Hopefully, during this process, you might have begun to recognize what different types of hunger we can have. Your body can signal a physical need for energy – you are shaky, or light headed – so get some food in you in order to get your blood-sugar up. Your psychology might be telling you you're hungry when you're actually just bored. Your society might be telling you to eat because it's that time of day, or season, or an event demands it. But then there is HUNGER. Your body needs long-term and full spectrum nutrition. You are lacking and you are in need. If you ever get to this point, you should begin the Ease-out immediately. It is time to quit the Lemonade Diet.

2. Your physical signals are starting, peaking, or diminishing. Your skin may break out, you may have headaches, your tongue might get white, you may be stuffed up and coughing up mucous, and your breath could stink. If these things are just starting or coming and going, that is a good thing; it's likely you are cleansing and going through Healing Events. You should probably continue – unless you have genuine HUNGER, as related in item 1. If these events are peaking and you feel a breakthrough, KEEP going a few days – especially if you feel you are on a roll, and are experiencing a natural high. If you are through the events and feel you have no more cleansing to do, finish up and count yourself lucky. Your tongue might be pinker, your breath is healthy, your bowel movements are getting clear, and even your arm-pit sweat doesn't seem to stink.

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13 Responses to Lemonade Diet – Day 10 – Time to Quit?

  1. Claire May 21, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    My husband & I are on Day 5 of the Master Cleanse. All is going well, however my husband has already lost 8 pounds & that’s with clothes on. After 8 pounds lost, he still has some fat on his belly, the only place he really could have lost a little. He is going to ease off starting tonight as he is afraid that he’s losing muscle mass. Your thoughts?

  2. Greg May 21, 2013 at 10:38 am #

    I’m on day 11 of my first cleanse and it’s been great. I had a couple weak light headed days but after day 7 I’ve felt amazing. I almost feel like I’m ready to move on from the cleanse but not sure if I should. I’m still getting some small solid waste in my bowel movements. I’ve lost 25 lbs but still want to lose 20 more. Can I move on to a fresh juice fast and continue to lose weight? I feel like at this point that’s most of the reason I would stay cleansing anyway. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

  3. LadyC January 29, 2013 at 12:33 pm #

    Master Cleanse Day 10 – Hi All! I’m on Day 10 of the MC and hope to complete 30 days. The first 9 days has been fairly uneventful – no big cravings, no real hunger, no big side effects, elimination has been good. However, this morning, as I was preparing my SWF, I experienced angina – really scared me. A couple of minutes after the pain hit, my vision started to blur, I was feeling dizzy and nauseous, so I took a seat and rested. After about 10 minutes, the pain had subsided to a dull ache. I was thinking that it was time to ease out, but I was disappointed – I didn’t feel like I had completed the cleanse. After doing some research, I found that low potassium levels can cause angina (note that I have no history of heart problems and no problems w/high blood pressure). I decided to do my SWF this morning w/a half tsp of potassium chloride and a half tsp of sea salts. About twenty minutes after drinking my SWF, the pain was gone and I’m back to feeling normal. I know that the cleanse is not supposed to require any additional supplements, but I think that I will continue to supplement w/the potassium chloride once a day. Any thoughts?

    • Sonya Solomonovich January 29, 2013 at 1:30 pm #

      That sounds like a good idea, LadyC. It’s generally not advised to take solid supplements because your digestive system might have trouble with them during the cleanse, but liquid supplements are fine.

      • LadyC January 29, 2013 at 8:50 pm #

        Great, thanks for the feedback, Sonya!

        I’ve been feeling great through the rest of the day and am really glad that I stuck w/the fast. Looking forward to seeing this through to Day 30! :)

  4. Justin January 11, 2013 at 10:24 pm #

    DAY 10: Hey everyone. It’s the evening on my 10th day. I am writing this as I drink my second to last cup of the lemonade. I am 27 years old and prior to cleanse I had lived a fairly unhealthy lifestyle mostly consisting of late night eating and alcohol consumption. However I often would go through healthy spurts of losing good amounts of weight — eating right and working out 5 times of week. Before the cleanse, I was in one of my unhealthy modes. I decided I needed a big change for the new year (and for the rest of my life) so I started the cleanse. Day 2-4 were the worst for me. I think my detox period was longer than normal since I had many more toxins to rid of. I had headaches (not a coffee drinker), dry eyes, and occasional soreness in various body parts (that would only last half a day). This was all part of the detox. It wasnt until the beginning of day 6 that I started feel back to “normal.” I didnt feel the stereotypical AMAZING energy that some people speak about after day 3. I went to the gym once after day 5. I found it difficult making the effort when knowing your body is hungry. I didnt do the salt water flush (since it was and/or with smooth move) but did the smooth move each night (generally had a bowl movement each morning and occasionally again during the night). I didnt weigh myself but my weight loss was significant (more than 15, less than 20). This evening (day 10), went to whole foods and bought 30 organic oranges to make the 2 liters of OJ for the ease out process. Day 2, OJ in the morning, juiced vegetables (ALL organic — kale, carrots, celery, carrots, apples, cucumber), and organic broth. Day 3, juiced veggies, raw fruit, and salad (no meat, poultry, fish, cheese). Day 4, repeat. Day 5, okay for normal meal. My personal recommendation: FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and DO NOT start eating sooner as you could do some serious damage to your intestine, colon, and digestive tract. Dont forget, this IS an intense cleanse that has great results but you must follow instructions during ease out process. You will find your cravings for your typical vices not as strong (or not there at all). I CRAVED enchiladas during my detox phase and now I CANT WAIT for day 2 broth and day 3 salad. My primary reason for doing this was to start with clean slate — tabula rasa! After the cleanse, I didn’t want to JUST commit to going to the gym since I have been there before. I decided to try something that will help my diet going forward and my workout; I am doing the 90 day Body by Vi challenge (had a friend that did it who had such favorable results he is now rep for Visalus). One last piece of advice, if you plan to do 10 days DO THE 10 DAYS. Stick through it; if it was easy, everyone would do it. And if you give up in this, what other things in life are you giving up and not finishing? Reading people’s experiences often helped me during the detox phase so I hope this helps someone. STAY STRONG AND BEST OF LUCK.

    • Mel August 23, 2013 at 11:16 am #

      This is was very helpful thank you for this. I didn’t even know i had to ease out of the diet. I was just going to start eating right away. Im on day 5 i want to stay till day 10 but Im not sure if my body can handle it im very shaky and light headed today

      • Melanie March 1, 2017 at 11:33 am #

        Thank you for this……on day nine. Most people are saying the first days were hard for them. My first three days were so easy. Days 4, 7, & 8 have been the toughest for me. All night last night was up….and to the bathroom. Feeling better today but wondering if I should prepare my mind to go farther than the 10 days. Your post gave me strength….thanks.

  5. Gail June 11, 2011 at 11:50 pm #

    Hi, I was on the master cleanse for 7 days until I ate a vegetable soup that evening because i was so hungry. Then the day after I went back to my normal diet, and the second day (today) I have the worst stomach cramps and regret eating rubbish so much. Today I plan in eating fruit and nuts and im thinking of doing the master cleanse during the week and eating normal (healthy) at weekends, until Ive achieved the weight goal. Is this a good idea? Are the stomach cramps normal. Being on the master cleanse has made me crave healthy foods rather than the junk i used to eat. Oh my hair was also falling out at a ridiculous rate. Please any feed back would be appreciated. Thank you

  6. Gail June 11, 2011 at 11:45 pm #

    Hi, I was on the master cleanse for 7 days until I ate a vegetable soup that evening because i was so hungry. Then the day after I went back to my normal diet, and the second day (today) I have the worst stomach cramps and regret eating rubbish so much. Today I plan in eating fruit and nuts and im thinking of doing the master cleanse during the week and eating normal (healthy) and weekends, until Ive achieved the weight goal. Is this a good idea?

    • Jon February 25, 2012 at 12:05 am #

      That is not a good idea in that the master cleanse is for detoxifying, not weight loss. You need the entire ten days minimum to experience the benefits of the cleanse. After detoxifying, your body will be primed for efficient weight loss. Doing it the way you describe, five days on and two off, will merely be a calorie-restrictive diet. In that case, you might as well stick with eating healthy until you’re ready to devote two weeks (counting ease in and ease out days) to the cleanse.

  7. Julie June 2, 2011 at 5:44 am #

    Lemonade diet, Day 10,
    This is my first time doing the Cleanse and it has gone fairly well. The first day I experienced a headache. Each day after I felt better and better until day 7. Memorial day weekend, with all of it’s festivities, fell in the middle of my cleanse. It was a test, but worked out all right! Over the weekend though (day 7), I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was going to pass out. My husband made me a lemonade drink and I slowly felt a bit better. Each day since I have felt shaky, slightly dizzy and slightly nauseous. The drink and eliminating don’t seem to make me feel any better. I have since found out that a few people I was with over the weekend had had a virus the day before I was with them, stomach ache, chills, diarrhea. Initially I thought I wasn’t tolerating the cleanse well, but I am now thinking I may have gotten the virus that the others had.
    I am now wondering if I should stay on the cleanse until I feel better, or if this is my body’s way of saying it is time to come off? Any thoughts?

    • Lucy July 12, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

      Stay on it…. Collect the benefits of your effort … If you need to, just drink a little more lemonade and or water….

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