The false bravado of day 1 often comes crashing down on day 2. The first time I did the cleanse, I went flying into day 2 like the king of the world. I figured I got through day 1 so easily that this would be no problem. By the time lunch rolled around on day 2, I had changed my tune.

The days ahead of day 2 can seem endless. In fact, that is one of the strangest sensations I get when I do the cleanse. It is such a commitment. Event thinking about breaking it causes pause, because you have to take time to break it. Mind you, on day 2, I have heard from many people who have quit the cleanse with a Whopper with cheese, or some other comfort food. But later on in the cleanse, we seem to recognize that if we are to break it, we will need to do it slowly.

That said, day 2 is still relatively easy at first, a mere precursor to the “healing events” of day 3 and day 4, and the psychological pinnacle of the social addiction to food. If it seems like you’ve hit a wall, just climb up over and keep on going. The good news is that you CAN do it. I know you can. You can do anything. And if you don’t do it this time, you WILL do it next time.