If Wednesday is hump day of the work week, day 3 is the hump day of the Lemonade Diet. Most people describe day 2 and day 3 as the very worst for cravings. By day 4, your body has adapted to its new routine and is no longer expecting meals at the usual times and the familiar stuffed bellies provided by processed foods.

While this may be hump day for cravings, I don’t believe it is the same for the detox. Starting on day 4, many people describe getting headaches, rashes, slight colds and runny noses, and I believe this is due to the expulsion of toxins in our bodies, as they leave our system. Sick in, sick out. When we ingest toxins, we often have similar reactions – a sneeze, a stuffed nose, even a temperature. All of those things are reactions to contaminants detected by our immune system.