Day 4 may bring a clearing on several fronts. Often, you begin to get over the physical symptoms of what people call “Healing Events” (although they are reported to come throughout the cleanse, at any time). You may also get over the psychological need for food (although you do often feel a little tweak of “want”, not of “need”). The psychological “need” for food isn’t always a centered thought. We think we need the worst kinds of foods. We are socially conditioned to think “I need meat”, or “Three squares per day”. These ideas are artifacts from old concepts we can now disprove to some degree or another.

Perhaps the greatest benefit from the Master Cleanse is the new-found recognition that you don’t have to stuff yourself. Or that a big, beautiful piece of broccoli can sustain like a nice breast of chicken. The social adaptation we have made to meat can be replaced with a new norm, a new paradigm.

Healing Events are the sniffles, rashes, coughs and other symptoms mostly experienced around day 3 or day 4, but which can occur at any time throughout the Lemonade diet. These events are thought to be the removal of toxins that may have caused sickness on the way in. They say “sick in, sick out,” after all. If you pick up a bug, your body isolates it and tries to expel it through a variety of ways (mucous, coughs, sneezes, fevers, rashes, zits and more). The same is true when the toxin is leaving, so you get the symptom. That is the prevailing notion on healing events encountered during the Lemonade Diet.