Day 6 of the Lemonade Diet often begins to feel easier; like you’re really beginning to hit your stride.

Day 6 is a turning point on the weekend, marching confidently towards the goal. Next Friday, we start on the orange juice. I chose this timing to highlight the milestones. You can be psychologically complete on that Friday, so only one full weekend on the Lemonade Diet is required.

I love thinking in terms of milestones. It makes things so much easier. Little spoonfuls of elephant, as the saying goes (“How do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time”). Breaking things up into accomplishable goals really helps. By setting the Ease-In and the beginning of the Lemonade Diet with the timing we did (for a 10-day cleanse), we only sacrificed one full weekend to drinking just the lemonade. To me, it breaks things up and feels a lot more manageable.

What are your thoughts on the timing?