Again, I’d like to thank all the people who have been sending me sweet messages, commenting, and calling me with words of encouragement. Your support means a lot to me and is really helping me get to the end of this cleanse successfully! Thank you.

Day Eleven

Waky, waky eggs and baky. That’s what I used to say to myself when my eyes first opened.  But not anymore. It’s more like, rise and shine and drink the brine!

You can see I had a lot of deep sleep. That stuff is tough to get out of!

I wake today with the opposite feeling than what I’ve been having the last few days.  I don’t want to get out of bed.  I’m still tired. I press snooze until it won’t let me any longer (remember that app I love so much, well it’s pretty smart. In fact it outsmarts me when it comes to its ‘advanced’ snooze feature). Ahhhhggg. Out of bed, stir up the diarrhea mix, and frat-boy two pints of it down my gullet.  Today is going to be a great day!

True to form, today will be a great day! It takes a little while for the first movement to come (or maybe all this clenching to hold it in as long as I can has acted like some type of butt Kegals)  but I’m not fooled. I know I have the mixture right now. Shortly after I crap like a mad man. Now I’ve been pretty cautious about talking about the look/smell of the movements up to this point, but I have to say. I did notice today that my deposit was much more clear today. Still swampwater-like, but less murky thank usual. Guess who’s getting cleansed! MMMEEEEEEEEE!!!

As the day wears on, and I continue to feel no fall out from the hike the day before, I think I’m, going to go for a jog. I could use the exercise, and lord knows my pasty skin could use it. Not to mention the extra vitamin D I can get fro the Sun. I lace up and out the door I go. For some reason my stupid Nike Running Pod would work. So I wasn’t able to track my stats properly. So I step outside, and just start going.

My stupid Nike Running Pod wouldn't work. Oh well.

I jog out toward this canal that runs through the city of Scottsdale to control flood waters (I think). There are paths on either side of the canal so I take the close side and huff and puff my way down. At the first bridge I cross and come back. That must have been about 4 km (~2.75 mi) in around 20 mins or so. I feel out of breath pretty much the whole time. Despite that my body feels awesome from the physical exercise! And I am one of those people who is significantly solar powered, so the more sunny the better.

Back home,  I shower up and make myself some more juice. It feels like that is the story of my entire life now. I do something, then make juice. The I do something else, and then make juice. I continue to be excited to have different flavors in the near future. Mike told me yesterday that on the second day of the ease-out I can start to eat some veggies in my soup at the end of the day. I’ve never been so excited by such a prospect!

How do I feel?

Today was a great day. Psychologically it was big for me today to just pick up and go for a jog. I had some type of barrier in my mind that was telling me I need to be careful. I need to conserve energy. Don’t go jogging! But today I busted right though that.  And I’m glad I did.  If I want to live a healthy life style I have to incorporate physical activity.  That’s a basic necessity.

This is the canal I jogged along side.

I continue to be cold. And thus I continue to take baths. No light headedness, no troubles concentrating, no nothing. Considering the fact that I haven’t eaten in well over a week now, I’m shocked at how well I’m doing.

My outlook going forward?

I just want to taste other food already. And I want to go out for dinner with my friends. I miss that social aspect. It’s very tough. And I miss snacking (that’s new as of yesterday or today). But I really do miss pulling some crackers out of the cupboard, or cutting up an apple and some cheddar.

I learned a long time ago that you have to go through Hell to appreciate Heaven. You have to live on the Prairies to appreciate the Rockies. And now, you have to remove food from your diet, to truly appreciate the nuances and joy it brings to your life.

Question of the day

Past cleansers, what were the biggest challenges you faced in your first cleanse?