I can hardly believe it. I am basically 24 hrs away from being done this cleanse.  I never in my life thought I’d be able to say that! But here I stand, albeit, much lighter, but here I stand on the edge of completion!

Day Twelve

I wake up a little sleepy.  What happened to those great sleeps I was having a few days ago, where I was up before my alarm could even catch me!? So I roll out of bed and make a couple glasses of the poop maker. I’ve taken to making all my drinks warm now. The salt water being no different. Chug-a-lug, and I’m done.  Now I sit and wait. This has become an interesting part of my morning routine. I just kind of sit around and kill time. Check my email. Check facebook. Check NBA highlights from the night before. do a little Spanish homework.

OOOHHHH!  It’s time to go. The Browns are headed for the Superbowl! Cosby kids are going to the pool. The big brown monkey needs to talk on the porcelain telephone. The flush is barely carrying anything out with it anymore. It’s still murky, but no solids. Which is a stark difference to the first five days on the cleanse. This is somehow very satisfying to me. Gives me some tangible poop, I mean proof, that my body is getting cleaner.

About an hour later, after the final movement, I hop in the shower and stay there for a while. I just want to be warm. And it takes sooo long. I don’t start to feel like my body is warming up for about 6 or 8 minutes. Then once warm it feels good to stay in there for a bit.

After the shower I get dressed and make my first lemonade of the day. This always seems to be the toughest. I tend to procrastinate at this point. But today I get right to it. Yum yum! Then time for work. On a business note, I’m kicking some ass right now! A few days ago Mike and I put together an INCREDIBLE plan for TheMasterCleanse.org and the future of its services. We are both pumped to be putting that into play. And down here in Arizona, we have done the same. 2011 is starting of wonderfully!

Around noon I take a walk down to the bank to get an account set up. Twenty minutes there, twenty minutes back. Sunshine the entire way. How did I get to be so lucky? For the rest of the day I work. In the evening Amzi, my roommate down here, has a friend, her sister, and her sister’s friend over for a big Chinese takeout feast.  I just keep a-working. I have to really point that out about TMC. It’s great for working. Because you can’t really be too social, and you don’t need to spend time cooking or eating (and no dishes to do either!) the diet is well geared for getting a ton of work done.

Come the end of the night, lo and behold, I’m cold again. But I’m near the end. So I don’t care.

How do I feel?

Like I’m ready for a goddam meal! No I’m kidding. But seriously, I could use a meal.

My furry tongue hasn’t actually entirely left. It’s better now, but not gone. Looks like I won’t get the pink tongue I’ve always dreamed of after all. I am still unhappy about my weight loss. My ribs are pretty visible. It’s going to take a lot of work to get my body back to where it was. Someone even mentioned to me that they could see a difference in my face from the first video I did out front of Booster Juice 11 days ago to now.

My outlook going forward?

Right now it’s real short. I’m just excited for that big bag of oranges.

Question of the day

How often do you cleanse, and what do you think is a good amount of time between cleanses?