I anticipated today to be hard. And on some levels it was. But to be totally honest, it wasn’t that bad. Like most things in life, it was much worse in my head than it was in real life. Also, please watch the video to the end today, as we are giving away a really cool gift at the end of it.

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Day Nine

After being at the club all night last night, then staying up to chat with my friends until the wee hours of the morning, I had to get up early today. So I wake up well before my alarm (8:20-ish) and can’t get back to sleep.  This often happens to me when I’m really hungover. But WTF!? I went out and didn’t drink, and I still get a hangover?  How can that be? But I’m not hungover, just tired.

My brother is scheduled to pick me up at 10:15am to move the last of my stuff into storage, and I suddenly realize that I haven’t budgeted ANY time for the salt water flush. So I jump up like a drug dealer’s rotti and bolt to the kitchen to make me some salt water! And like a sailor on a submarine, it’s down the hatch quick. Today’s recipe, two heaping teaspoons of uniodized sea salt, 32 oz of water, made with love. Somehow I know before the poop even comes, I’ve hit the jackpot.

Finally I’ve figured out the key to having really big, really disgusting BMs on command. The contents of my movement basically hasn’t changed since the first day. How can this possibly be? I haven’t eaten anything since last Saturday! Anyways, the clock is ticking, my brother is arriving soon, and it doesn’t feeeel like my movements are at a close yet. He shows up and we start packing the vehicle. Just before we leave I duck into the bathroom, and get my last one out. It’s totally clear (both the coast, and the toilet bowl). I’m good to go.

Once done packing I say my good byes with my bro, then hang out with my friends for some more good byes. For the last day and a half I’ve really noticed that my mouth tastes gross, and stinky all the time! It’s just gross, and furry. Mike explains to me that this is another place where toxins often exit the body, and that lot’s of people report this same phenomenon.

This is my yucky white tongue right now. But don't worry, it'll turn pink again soon.

Both the throat/back of your mother, and the tongue do this. It will pass in a few days. One thing to note though: if you are brushing your teeth to remove the bad breath (or for any other reason) be sure to wash your mouth out with water before you brush. Especially if you just drank some lemon juice. The lemon juice is very bad for the enamel on your teeth, and brushing while lemon juice is still present can be quite harmful.

Off to the airport I go. I’ll save you all the details about how I managed to stay juice-ified throughout my waiting, going through security, flying and deplaning, but it is actually a tough little situation to get through. Mike and I actually did a great little video, once I got behind security, discussing the complications travel brings, and how to deal with them. To get that video and a special report on how to travel while on The Master Cleanse, fill in the form on this page and we’ll hook you up right away!

I touchdown, collect my luggage, and get outside.  It was about 15 degrees out (60 Fahrenheit) and I am so glad to be in a warmer climate. While on the plane a lady from Phoenix told me that while she was in Toronto it was only her third time seeing snow! At first I start to laugh about this, and then I feel like crying.

How do I feel?

As usual I feel great. And as usual, I’m missing food more and more. While on the plane I watched Eat, Pray, Love (don’t laugh, I like chick-flicks). This would have been much better if it were just Pray, Love. The parts where she is living in Rome remind me of when I used to live in Milan. I travelled all over Northern Italy for four months and ate every type of pasta I could find. This movie just reminded me of how delicious that time was.

My outlook going forward?

Keep my nose to the grindstone, and eyes on the prize. Don’t worry about how tough, or how delicious food is. Just stay focused, I’m past half way now. Four days to go, then the ease out and I’m done! One week from today.

Question of the day

I have done a bad thing. I’ve already started thinking about my first meal back.  Eeek! I shouldn’t have done that. Now I’m obsessed. So this question goes to two type of people, a) People who are cleansing right now, what will your first meal back be? and b) non-current-cleansers, what would you recommend me?