With so much choice out there which lose weight fast diet should you consider? I know I’ve tried so many, some more successful than others, some stricter than others. But only in recent years did I realize that my choice of which diet to follow had to be based on whether it was good for my body.

The more strict, healthy type diets, are of course also called detox diets because they really help your body get rid of all those horrible disease causing toxins. Although applying some simple changes to your eating habits like consuming more raw vegetables can also have a considerable detox effect on your body.

So in this article I will look a bit further into how you can integrate more raw fruit and veg into your diet.

Is A Mainly Raw Type Diet for You?

Lose Weight Fast

If you’re used to eating processed foods which are filled with chemicals and copious amounts of salt, sugar and corn syrup you may find it difficult at first to integrate more natural foods into your diet. You can try achieving this the fast or the slow way. By fast I mean drastically changing your eating habits from one day to the next, cutting out all that junk food and by slow I mean integrating little changes here and there on a daily basis giving your taste buds a chance to adjust. Which Lose Weight Fast Diet will work best for you is up to you to decide or try.

Vegan Options

There are so many different opinions on which lifelong diet one should follow. Vegan advocates certainly seem well informed on how to achieve a healthy body through eating totally raw foods.

I do think that if you’re going to become a vegan you have to become almost a health guru and truly understand all the nutrients your body needs to thrive and where to get these nutrients from.

So many experts on these matters have different opinions as to what the optimum diet is. Some highly recommend eggs, some will tell you that they are terrible for you. Same with organic beef, fish, raw milk, and so on. There are new studies that come out, almost daily it seems, telling us why one or the other is good or bad for you. So it can get very confusing, you don’t know what to eat anymore.

Are Just Raw Foods Enough?

Personally I like to eat a bit of everything as long as it is organic and it makes sense to me as to why it’s ok for me to eat. Vegans certainly have a very good point that eating foods raw is the best way to get all the nutrients that those foods have to offer. But I also think there are benefits in eating those foods cooked. So I guess I try to aim for 60-80% raw, although this isn’t always easy for me as I, like most of us, have a lifetime habit of eating cooked foods. Changing your eating habits can be a very slow process but as long as you keep in the right direction then you can be proud of yourself.

A Lose Weight Fast Diet That Your Body Will Love

So the more you apply the following tips the quicker you will lose weight. My top tip is to eat 60-80% raw living foods.

1. Juices

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One of the best ways I have found is drinking homemade, freshly made, organic raw fruit and vegetable juices. They are amazing! Some of the combinations out there are just so delicious. The more green veggies you add to your juices the better but if you’re not used to juicing you want to add these progressively. Start out with sweeter juices mainly based on carrots and apple. This simple combination tastes great and is one of the pillar juices for the Gerson Therapy, which if you haven’t heard about them they basically cure people from all sorts of ailments including deadly diseases like cancer. They mainly achieve this through getting people to drink juices all day long. This is how my eyes were opened. I just found it amazing and unbelievable that people who were labelled terminally ill by conventional medicine became completely disease free after following their therapy and went on to live long happy lives. That is when I realized just how important food is to your health.

So, basically, buy a juicer and juice away. I promise you this is the best way possible to get your daily nutrient intake. This is also an amazing way for little ones to get their nutrients. I now do a juice for my children every day. So when you get up in the morning, first thing, have a big glass of water to help your body flush out those toxins, followed by a nice big glass of juice. If you feel hungry before lunchtime and you have to work you can always make some extra and take it with you.

2. Salads

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Have one mainly raw salad per day. The combinations are endless, just look up some recipes. I always find it so exciting to try out new recipes! Always base your choices of ingredients on organic, fresh produce. You can add some cooked ingredients in there but keep them to a minimum. Make the dressing yourself by using things like olive oil, lemons or raw apple cider vinegar, seasoning, organic mustard, fresh herbs and so on.

3. Healthy Snacks

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When you start any diet your body needs time to adjust. So you may crave snacks at some point or other.

Again here use your head, don’t go for the nearest vending machine. Whenever you know you will be out take a bag of nuts with you or a fruit or a juice or any other healthy alternative to junk food.

Don’t make yourself go hungry too much or when you do eat you might have a tendency to overeat the wrong kinds of foods. This is a big no-no; if you have the urge for a snack between meals be sure to make it a healthy one.

4. Be Healthy In The Evening

Make a healthy version of what you normally eat incorporating as many raw organic ingredients as possible. Try to avoid things like bread and pasta.

5. Keep Hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day but not too much with your meals.

Lose Weight Fast by sticking to this plan as much as you can and you will start to feel and look amazing! Also keep your portions small, chew your food well, stay away from junk food, keep focused and exercise. As I said how fast you lose the weight is entirely up to you but at least you will feel reassured that your body will love you for it.

As always leave your comments below and Happy, Healthy Living from me.

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