The moment she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, actress Lourdes Colon knew she was going to beat it the natural way. She also knew she was going to document her journey, which she did with the film Create Option C. She had a history of cancer in her family and has long been a skeptic of conventional medicine. Upon finding out that she contracted Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she immediately sought out natural remedies. What she discovered was that her eating habits were largely to blame. Although blessed with a high metabolism and healthy appearance, Lourdes’ diet consisted mainly of processed foods, meats and sugars. If she could eat her way into cancer, is it possible to eat and drink her way out of cancer?

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Video Summary and Show Notes:

According to The National Cancer Institute, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system. The immune system is intended to fight off disease, and when compromised can’t detect the agents (pathogens) and normal cells can transfer into cancer cells. The mainstream treatment in America is often chemotherapy or radiation or the combination of both combined.


Lourdes discovered there are 8 key steps to beating cancer the natural way.

  • Remove all sugars from your diet. Cancer cells feed off of sugars. So in order to starve the cancer cells, remove sugars from your diet. Sugar is in everything. Check all labels and eliminate all sugars.
  • Oxygenate the body. Cancer cells hate oxygen. Cancer cells are most damaging in an anaerobic environment (oxygen free). Bringing oxygen into the body by moderate aerobic exercise (if possible) or by deep breathing, yoga meditation or exercises.
  • Maintaining nutrition is crucial. Consuming healthy fats and plant-based proteins are essential, and also removing animal products from the diet.
  • Take nutritional supplements. Taking whole food supplements helps slow down the digestive process enough to absorb more nutrients from foods. Supplements also protect the body against diseases.
  • Use probiotics to build the immune system. Probiotics are made up primarily of bacteria and yeast; bacteria that is good for the body. They challenge the immune system in healthy ways.
  • Detoxification of the body. There is no better way to rid the body of harmful toxins than by drinking pure filtered water regularly. Drinking half your weight in ounces is the guideline (ex: 130lbs = 65oz/per day)
  • Balance hormones. Making sure that the hormonal levels are not dominated by estrogen. Estrogen may be accountable to several different cancers. Making sure that there are a healthy amount of phyto-estrogen and progesterone are key. Both serve as a counter-balance to estrogen receptors.
  • Sleep Sleeping 7-9 hours is a good idea.

Looking at the cause of cancer gives us an idea of how to avoid it. Having a healthy, energetic body starts with a strong immune system. Replacing bad habits with good ones can keep your system healthy, and alive.

While using herself as a self-proclaimed “holistic social scientist”, she has proven that there is so much to learn and understand about our health. Lourdes has an immune system that is now strong, and she is living completely cancer free.