No matter how you decide to go about your cleanse experience, whether it’s in a group, or going it alone, I highly recommend capturing your experience in a journal.

This act, is the first step in practicing “Self-Care”, which is to say, documenting your reality so that you might learn from it and make adjustments.

If you don’t take a moment to know truly know what you’re experiencing, you can never know what step to take next.

You have to know where you are, to get to where you want to go.

What’s more, by journaling, you’re creating a published book of experiences that you can send into the world to encourage others towards their breakthroughs, just like you can learn from their experiences.

In our group cleanse, we ask participants to journal in 5 categories:

  1. Psychological Emotional
  2. The Process and The Lemonade
  3. Weight Loss and Physical Effects
  4. Detox and Salt Water Flush
  5. Social Support Friends Family

These might not be the perfect topics for you, and that’s OK, feel free to add your own subjects. But creating the defined space and keeping it simple is what matters.

There are 16 days in The Master Cleanse, 3 days during the Ease-In, 10 Days (minimum) on The Lemonade Diet, and 3 Days of the Ease-Out.

If you journal each day on each topic that’s 16×5 = 80 journal entries (if my maths are correct).

If you do 250 words like we ask for (about the length of each of the following example entries), that will be 20,000 words of insight and encouragement to yourself and others.

Put that into a book format and you have a small but profound book of over 60 pages filled with your own words.

That’s something you’ll reflect back on in the future believe me.

Master Cleanse M.E. (My Experience) holds a Quarterly Group Cleanse that over 10,000 people have participated in.

Each Quarter, during our scheduled Group Cleanse those who contribute a 250 word comment on 5 topics of concern, each day during The Lemonade Diet and the Ease-Out will win one of 2 great prizes including access to product archives (for life), and a Publing package aimed to help them continue their journaling prowess.

We provide 5 topics for participants to post comments to which acts as a Daily Journal, providing words of encouragement to the entire community. Those topics include:

  1. The Process and The Lemonade: Everything technical that’s required during the Cleanse Program so that we can understand their secrets to making timely and useful lemonade ensuring their success in the process.
  2. Weight Loss and Physical: The clear #1 reason why people do The Master Cleanse, how much weight is being lost, and other physical effects like inches, and remissions of other ailments such as skin conditions, parasites, blood sugar imbalances and more!
  3. Psychological and Emotional: The clear #1 challenge that everyone faces that the didn’t know would be is the cleansing the “Mental Body” as well as the “Physical Body”, this means creating new thought patterns that support your goals and higher-self ambitions.
  4. Detox and Salt Water Flush: Everything technical that’s required during the Cleanse Program so that we can understand the secrets to doing the notorious Salt Water Flush (SWF), as well as the laxative, so we can truly flush and rinse the toxins that are being prepared for elimination from the body.
  5. Social Support Friends Family: The clear #1 boost to your well being and success on The Master Cleanse or any Fast Weight Loss program is to build a strong support network so that you don’t create pitfals with toxic friends. Detoxing your “Environmental Body” (of friends and family in this case) from vampire people is as important as cleansing your Physical and Mental Bodies.

Since our first Group Cleanse in 2009 we’ve had dozens of insightful Master Cleansers win the Group Cleanse “Master Cleanse M.E.” challenge, and we collected their experiences into Journals to be made available to the community.

What we’ve learned from our Paul Hicks:


Summary of Paula Hicks Master Cleanse – My Experience Journal

  • 36 Pages
  • 11,111 Words
  • Username: Paul Hicks
  • Comments:110
  • Posts: 0
  • Group Cleanse Date: 2009.07.11
  • Cleanser Type: Master
  • Cleanse Date: 2009.07
  • Cleanse Date: 2009.10

Here’s a selection of Paula’s Experience from her Group Cleanse. You can also download her whole Journal at the end of this report:

The Process and The Lemonade Diet – Lemonade Diet – Day 1

Day one- was up early and ready to start the day. The mental preparation really works….I get right up and make the Salt Water Flush, and turn on an educational video to watch while sipping on my salty broth, makes me feel better not to think too much about it. Once finished I am usually into the information on the video and then 30 mins later I am off to bathroom for first BM, and then I am ready to make my lemonade- fresh squeezed by hand, and then I pull out my special maple syrup, and my homemade cayenne pepper that I grow and dry myself.

I take my first sip and it just takes me back to the first time I ever tried to cleanse- I was on my way out the door and made a quick lemonade and put too much cayenne on accident (kinda dumped in a well rounded teaspoon full)and didn’t have enough time for another one so I just decided I would drink up and that it would not hurt me….well as I took my first big gulp I turned red all over and really felt the heat, but then said I will be ok so I drank again and the burn turned to a numbness and what I read about cayenne this is the healing stages of what the herb is doing for you so I just accepted the whole process, and wouldn’t you know it about 30 mins later I was so hyper my whole family was saying slow down…it really worked and I like cayenne pepper now especially in my lemonade!

Detox and The Salt Water Flush – Lemonade diet Day 3

Once I learned how to take this salt water flush with making the water a little warm and playing games in my head it wasn’t all that bad- I pretended it was a salty broth and I always had to have something on to watch while drinking it in beginning to help take away the gag feeling but now I don’t even think about much at all and love the way it really does clean you from top to bottom. I also tried counting how many sips it took to finish it, and one time my husband and I had a race to see who could drink it down first. The first time I tried the cleanse and did not have the right info and had bad cramping so then my friend told me to do an enema and I noticed some relief but once I read about this flush it seems so much more practical and really does work. I also told my husband that if he did this in am he would not have to get up throughout the day for a BM because he would be done and that really helped him do this while working.

The Psychological and Emotional – Ease-In Day 2

Second day of ease in and it is not that hard yet but I am having a detox symptom of an ear ache and I am not going to let it get me down. That is the one thing I notice about this cleanse is that you can over think it or even get scared from experiencing the pains of cleaning the inside- but I always tell my girlfriends this too shall pass and also it takes pains to be beautiful. I just want to think about food differently for the sake of my family and also my husband- he wants to cleanse too but won’t start until the weekend and he wishes he could take time off to do it with me during week but the first few days are his hardest days- he did make me a tea tonight and said he is going to try these next few days to do his prep or ease in.

Weight Loss and Physical Results – Lemonade Diet – Day 9

Day 9 and down 11 pounds to 163! That is good for now and will probably be even better tomorrow on Day 10- can’t wait to check measurements, as I am sure those are even better because I went to put a bikini top on and it didn’t fit anymore it was falling off me. I physically can see my muscles better and look more tone. Love the way my face tightens up around chin area and neck. I do have more energy on certain day and then on others I just lay low and feel like blah. I am working out more and hoping that I can get into a groove of a routine.
Now on to Day 10.

Social Support from Friends and Family – Lemonade Diet – Day 7

I ended up cancelling going to an event on Sat because I could actually see myself becoming weak and eating something on Day 10 of all days, but I don’t think they would let me bring in my cooler with my lemonades, and I am not willing to take that chance and also tempt myself as I plan on going on longer than just 10 days, why ruin a good thing while it is going so good.

I am actually going to hang out with my girlfriend cleansing on day 4, and she is going to teach me indian beading and we will do our lemonades together, and I will play my guitar for her.

My other friend was not taking her health so seriously as her and her husband must be really toxic and got light headed after only doing 3 lemonades or they just wanted to eat so bad they had to have some excuse – I doubt they did the mental prep nor the ease in and I notice that makes a big difference. I feel sorry for them and also sorry for their son who is following in their footsteps in unhealthy choices and weight gain.
Well another day gone by and going strong!

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