Ease-In Day 1 always gets me thinking, ah, why don’t I just start on Monday with The Lemonade Diet. I know, I am just that way. I always look for the start-line, finish-line, dead-line, drop-dead-line or whatever. I hit snooze on my alarm repeatedly.

So as it were, I opted for a varied approach to my Ease-In, much to the chagrin on my girlfriend who is well armed with vegetables for our salads and soups –I decided I need one last venture in to tasty-treat-land. You see, last week I received a 2-1 Dairy Queen Blizzard coupon and for almost a week I was trying to print it out so I could cash it in. The problem was that my printer wasn’t working, and the cleanse was quickly approaching.

Yesterday I had my Living Food Diet for my Ease-In Day 1 (as well as nearly 2 blizzards –YUMMY!)

Ok, so with that out of the way, I have taken my inventory and I am prepared to prepare. Back to veggies, and tomorrow will be soups and juices.

Oh, and about juicing. I am going to write about juicing again, and in more detail very soon. Keep an eye out for that. That is one thing that I LOVE to do since I started cleansing. Juicing is like a pipeline of health streaming into your body.

I have many preparations for this cleanse (as with all my cleanses since starting this website). Not only do I have to prepare for the cleanse itself, but I am also planning my posting schedule, when to moderate comments, update social sites etc. Again, if you’re interested in helping out, keep an eye for a post on what help I need. It is pretty simple, but time consuming stuff like responding to comments and emails.

Ease-In Day 2 should be fun. See you tomorrow.