Erika is making a nice soup now from Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Celery, Potatoes, and some Broccoli. It’s a very simple soup.

We’ll also be Juicing Oranges, Carrots, and Apples.

Gathering Master Cleanse Supplies

I need to go get my supplies for the cleanse still so after writing this post, I will be off to Whole Foods for Pure Maple Syrup and Organic Lemons. Many people ask if organic is necessary. No they’re not. You can use conventional lemons, but why not go organic right? There are less toxins, and some reports that suggest there is greater nutrient content as well.

I will pick up a few treats for juicing today as well. I won’t get my produce for the Ease-Out today because I don’t want it to spoil, and I love shopping on my last day of The Lemonade Diet.

Testing Supplies and Other Equipment

I am also off to Costco to get a few appliances. I will be testing and reviewing Juicers, Blenders, Water Alkalizers, Water Purifiers, and a variety of Biolytic (my term) devices –which are appliances and tools to test your weight, body fat, body mass index, ph balance, and much more. I am hoping to find some great products that test saliva, hair, even urine and blood… This is very new territory for me so I am not sure what is available, and what all I can test for.

Not only do I want to test my own body’s reactions, but I also want to test my food and water for toxins and purity.

By no means is this a required process for the average cleanser out there. I am making a point to document my experience in a very detailed way. But I am sure the average cleanser will be interested in the results.

If any of you do any testing like this please let us know. What do you use, and why? What were your findings?

Happy Cleansing,