Yay! Another taste. Oranges are good.

Well, I actually started the day with a glass of Lemonade to get me going. I never seem to get enough calories on the orange juice day so this time around I decided to have a couple glasses of lemonade throughout the day.

I have had 3 cups of orange juice and 1 glass of lemonade, and as I write this I am hungry. I am going to go make another glass of lemonade and another cup of orange juice as soon as I am done this post.

I am planning for 3 cups of lemonade, and 5 cups of Orange Juice.

I am using 4 oranges to produce 1 cup of orange juice. The orange I bought (organic from whole foods), came in a bag of 12. I bought 2 bags, and today realized I would need more for the two of us. The bags of orange were $5 each.

Juicer Comparison

I currently have 2 different kinds of juicers here with me. I have a $1 plastic hand juicer, and $200 Breville Power Juicer – a centrifugal juicer style.

I did a very scientific experiment to see which would provide more juice. I juiced 5 oranges in each and yielded almost identical amounts of orange juice –around 2 cups.

Despite the power and promise of a better juicing experience, the $1 plastic hand juicer was more effective, easy to use and produced a better quality juice. The juice from the Breville Power Juicer was frothy, full of fiber and didn’t taste as, well, authentic. Somehow it tasted like a whipped drink from Starbucks.

The juice from the $1 hand juicer was clear, fiber free, and smooth tasting. I admint I could probably due to have a nice $10 glass juicer with a better filter, and some sort of compressor to squeeze the last bits of juice out of the pulp but it was pretty good.

Clean up is easier with the hand juicer. The Breville Power Juicer is a complicated mess to clean. It is not worth taking it out.

I should note, however, that tomorrow when I am juicing other fruits and vegetables, the Breville Power Juicer will be indespensable.

Watch for my reviews of juicers, as well as recipes for juicing in the coming weeks.

What do you think? How do you juice?