The 5 quarterly Master Cleanse Group Experience is not open for those opting to Ease-In.

If you have registered, you should be getting at confirmation broadcast from the Email Newsletter. But rest assured, if your email is in the system, you are entered in the group and eligible for our Gift Certificates.

The Ease-In is an option portion of The Master Cleanse that I created because I believe it helps me to transition into the very restrictive diet of The Lemonade Diet.

At last count we have had 1,205 registered participants which more than doubles our best yet.

It was 1 year ago that I first opened the doors to the idea of the Group Cleanse. Group cleansing is not new, but it was for me, and I have been overwhelmed with the amount of excitement the community shows towards cleansing as a group. Before I did the first MCGE in the Winter of 2009, I had done a cleanse in the Fall of 2008, but I did it by myself. That time I posted My Experience, and called it Chronicle. I felt a little alone in that process. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a good cleanse. But it helped me realize that I want to be able to communicate with other like minded people when I am on The Master Cleanse. The idea of a Group Cleanse is so simple, but so effective, especially now that we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and of course websites like that makes keeping in touch so easy; empowering us through the hard times during the cleanse.

I have started the Ease-In, and will be posting very regularly this time. This Group Cleanse, and will be my primary focus. There is so much to do to try to get all the different pieces of this internet puzzle working together, so I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in helping here at the website.

Click over to this page I have made that lays out all the different activities we need to attend to that you could help with. I am hoping to hire soon here, because the work is too much for me to handle. I have been trying to formulate the working details, and the activities but I haven’t yet got it clear enough yet to have a work-for-hire. If you love The Master Cleanse, and interacting online why don’t you consider helping out. You will learn more about Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and other online business activities. Hey, you might even get a paid job out of it… Plus. There is a great deal of opportunity to have your own blog just like this one. It really is a lot of fun, and it makes enough money that makes it even more fun!

Happy Cleansing,


A note on Spelling Mistakes and Grammar Mistakes.

I know there are mistakes on the website. I write like I talk, indeed how I live. I make mistakes.

When I speak you can’t tell I might use the wrong spelling for synonyms or improper diction. We all talk with grammatical errors, and we write even worse. In fact a new language is emerging IMHO, so you might find me LMFAO when I get a comment pointing out “It’s lose weight not loose weight”. I choose to believe that you should move past some oversights in the text and read into the context –get the information people. It’s a forest through the trees kinda thing. Ooops. I don’t think kinda is a word. And I think Ooops is spelled with 4 o’s not 3. Editors are expensive. If it bothers you that much why don’t you offer to edit the site for me. Email me with detailed revisions. I will be happy to post them, and provide credit.