Wow – We did it. I did it. One more Lemonade Diet in the books. When day 10 comes around it’s time to quit. Or is it?

What a journey. If you planned to go 10 days, congrats, you made it. Some people plan to go longer and for you, you can still feel proud. Use the momentum that you have gained to push through to your goal.

Many people often take their “Stride” and chose to ride out the “High” for a few more days. After all it has gotten pretty easy not. The worst of the detox is behind them. Why not push through for a few more days. How do you know if it is the right time for you to quit is a question I hear a lot. Lets consider a few details:

Signs that you should keep on Cleansing

Just because these signs are present doesn’t mean you must keep cleansing. You reached your goal. If you have had your fill of Master Cleanse (so to speak), take your accomplishment and leave the cleansing for later. That was a great start. Doing it again in 3, 6, or 9 months later you will pick up where you left off (assuming you don’t get back on a Retox Diet straight away and consistently for months).

Some signs like the white tongue don’t resolved until 30 days or more of either continuous cleansing, or a cleansing cycle.

The key to know if you should quit or not is to learn how to listen to your body. Trust your intuition. If you feel it’s time to quit; quit. If you feel like continuing; continue.

  1. You planned do more than 10 days. If you’re feeling good, and your plan was for 14 day. Keep going you can do it.
  2. You feel amazing, so why not a little longer.
  3. You have plenty of ingredients left AND you feel amazing. Don’t keep going if you’re ready to quit but have extra maple syrup. Make a maple syrup salmon like I am going to in 3 days.
  4. You feel you have more weight to lose. Again don’t let this drive if you feel you must quit. Learn to listen to your body.
  5. You feel your detox is just getting started. Your tongue is still very white and your movements very dark and chunky. Again. Listen to your body.

Signs that it is time to quit the Master Cleanse

Remember: quitting isn’t a 4 letter word. It is a word that needs re-branding. You have reached your goal. You are not quitting. You are stopping, and there is a different. Even if you didn’t make your 10 days, you have still much to be proud of. Just starting is the first step. In time you’ll take more. My first yoga class my instructor said the first goal is just to stay in the room. Be proud of yourself and support yourself in your decision, whatever it is.

  1. You have a strong desire to eat.
  2. You have physical hunger or weakness –feelings of not enough energy.
  3. You’re tongue is white and/or your movements are clear.
  4. You feel stress about a scheduling conflict coming that you didn’t plan for.
  5. You’re satisfied with your accomplishment and wish to leave it at that.

What do you think? Are you quitting at 10 days? Did you plan for more than 10 days. Did you quit early? What were the factors that helped you make up your mind?

Congratulations! We did it.

This Lemonade Diet for me was my best ever. Maybe because I was so involved this time. All I did the last 10 days was The Master Cleanse. I ate, drank and slept The Lemonade Diet. (well, OK –drank, drank and slept The Lemonade Diet)…

All the writing, planning, developing, designing, interviewing, flushing, mixing and pooping was all so much fun.

Thanks again for letting me share it with you and participating.

Here I go getting all nostalgic when I still have the Ease-Out to go. I am off now to buy my Oranges for the Orange Juice Day, Ease-In Day 1…. Yay!!!!