Everyday of The Lemonade Diet can be a challenge, especially for Newbie Cleansers. But day 2 seems to be the day most people quit. Many People can make it through Day 1 on adrenalin alone. 1 day can seem to fly by (or drag on). If your willpower was sufficient to get through 1 day you definitely can make it through days 2 or 3 all of the days. They are just single solitary days to get through.

The Master Cleanse Day-to-Day

Living Day-to-Day is the way to make it through The Master Cleanse. When I think about the 8 days ahead of me I can get discouraged. The mountain to climb seems too high; the wall in front of me too high to climb. When I come back into the moment, I am able to let that worry pass into the activity of the day and then this 1 day isn’t so bad. I begin to realize how good I feel rather than how much I want a cookie, or a beer, or anything but a glass of spicy lemonade. Psychological and emotional eating plays a large roll in our lives.

The Wall of Day 2 isn’t only psychological, however. The first 2 days are mostly about the physical cravings for food which is why, for me, Days 1, 2 and 3 are the very hardest.

Our bodies are trained for digestible food of a certain kind and quantity. During these 3 days our bodies are in withdrawal while we re-train our bodies to accept less calories at different times and with different textures. It really is amazing what our bodies can do; the programs they run enabling us to heal, grow, and live. Our bodies are so capable and adaptable.

Like I said, I try not to look ahead, but I know that is hard sometimes. If fact, I believe that our ability to project potential outcomes is the very nature of our evolved state of consciousness that allows for creative problem solving resulting in all our greatest achievements and technologies. But it is that same ability that creates the Human Condition –negative emotions associated with potential outcomes both in the future and the past. This makes looking far ahead with fear or anxiety a very uncomfortable pastime. But if you must, if you can rationalize tomorrow, the physical expectation of food will pass leaving you will only psychological, emotional and social conditions to overcome… But don’t worry, you can do it! :)

Happy Cleansing,