Last night and this morning I struggled a little, and was reminded why I called today humpday in my Day-to-Day Experience.

Last night was my second night on the Laxative, and I didn’t do the SWF so I was due for a good movement. I didn’t make it through the night.

Half-way through the night I awoke to fairly bad cramps, dizziness and general poor feeling. I knew immediately I had to go to the bathroom. After 2 “dry-heaves” I was able to have some movement, but I really don’t like the feeling of a movement with out the water of the Salt Water Flush. I was quickly reminded why I thought it might be a good idea to skip the Nightly Laxative and opt instead just to do the Salt Water Flush every morning. But since interviewing Tom Woloshyn I have decided to persevere through the Laxative because he is so sure that it is a big help with stirring up the waste that you will expel each morning with the SWF. I still highly recommend the SWF in the morning –even though the taste (and an after taste that didn’t seem to want to go away) almost made me throw up for 30 minutes while I waited for my movement.

Why The Lemonade Humpday is so Hard

I think there are 3 reasons why humpday is so hard.

1. Stockpile of Toxins: Maybe there is so much to pass out of me for the first 3/4 days that the mornings, and movements are so shocking that it causes a lot of people to quit. I was second guessing myself this morning briefly while I held back vomit and assumed the fetal position in my bed. The movements get easier and easier as they get cleaner and cleaner throughout the day.

2. Physical Hunger: Our bodies are still really aware of the recent past when we used to eat. We have an expectation of a meal coming around the same time each day. 4 days later we has started to create a new expectation of food –The Lemonade.

3. Process Perfection: I admit: my nausea this morning is mostly my fault. My water sucks. I am not in my settled home and don’t have access to the water source I would like. Today solve this problem by finding some pure, healthy, tasty water to help me. I also don’t have my measures and chuggables to help me drink the SWF the way I like it –chugging it. This speaks volumes about how important preparation and how it can help with Successfully Starting The Master Cleanse. After a few days, regardless of or preparation, we will naturally make adjustments so that the process is easier.