Momentum is a funny thing.

As a former professional hockey player, I was witness to some pretty amazing examples of momentum. I am not talking about the momentum from high school physics that deals (although the analogy has its’ roots here). I am talking about the extra man, the silent motivator, the wind at your back when you perceive fortune and opportunity is shining on you.

I am talking about when my junior hockey team was down 7-1 in the third period, and an event occurs; one that changes the direction of energy. In this game it was a goal and a fight by the same player on the same play. Our bench exploded with energy because we were all so angry about the current reality.

Now there have been other games when we were down by a lot and nothing changed the momentum for us. There was nothing that tilted the rink in our favor that caused us to believe the rest of the game would be different.

After that goal/fight, we believed, and believed with a passion (an almost fervor), that would could, no would come back –AND, we did just that.

For me, Day 4 is that shift from, “Oh, I don’t think I can do this”, to “This is no problem”.

Many people have no problems from Day 1. Not me. I always have some concern, discomfort, or sense of loss for my food (even if just a little). I too have to overcome the physical hump of the first 3 days. But Day 4 is when I feel the tide turning. And even though I haven’t turned the corner just yet; I may still be down 7-2, but I know if, no, when I score a 1 more goal, or make it one more day I will be around that corner. There is now light at the end of the tunnel.

Tomorrow is the halfway point, and when I get there it’s all down hill from here.

What do you think of Momentum? How does it play a roll in the way you feel about the process of The Lemonade Diet? Let us know. And don’t forget to provide your feedback about The Master Cleanse Day-to-Day Naming Contest. Maybe this day is more suited to something else?

Much like the characteristics that momentum in a game takes, each of the days of The Lemonade Diet, to me, takes on some character. And that’s what I am trying to illustrate with the Day-to-Day Naming Contest. What are the characteristics of each day?