We’ve gained momentum, gotten over the Hump and today we’ve turned the corner. Maybe that is too many metaphors to mix, but to me they are all just a little different, especially in the context of an event of a specific duration, one which is a challenge to complete.

When training for hockey, I did a lot of running, cycling, stair-climbing and other cadrio, weights and plyometrics. No matter what the activity, it was always grueling. Most of the time is was a psychological marathon before (and during) the exercise itself.

When your staring down a 5 mile course which you must run in 40 minutes, you know you will be challenged. You know it will be an exhausting, punishing event.

The way I have always coped with these types of challenges is to chunk them. Little did I know I was doing this all along, but today, chunking has become leading tool in productivity.

Chunking has a few meanings: In Psychology it describes how the brain organizes memories into familiar manageable units –which lead to an application in communications whereby one writes units of information in a series of chunks so that it can be both delivered, and received well in speeches and reports. Now this term is most commonly used to describe a productivity method in contrast to multi-tasking. When a large project presents itself, you block of smaller, but still large enough chunks of related activity so that it pushes your complete, but is easily achieve.

I utlized chunking in my 5 mile run. I would break down the run in my mind into thirds (you can use any unit size that makes sense). That way, I could focus on accomplishing a more manageable task. “Just get past the first third, and make sure you have enough pace to make my time in the next 2/3, but not too much so that I will run out of gas during the next 2/3”. Then, when I arrive at the next third, I could say to myself, “OK, last third before the last third” (which sounds absurd, but it works). The of course I the last third can be focused on for the sprint to the finish line.

I apply chunking to The Master Cleanse first by Groups (Ease-In, The Lemonade Diet, and Ease-Out), and second by days. This is actually a little bit of a stretch for chuncking because there are too many units, and too short of chunks relative to the overall timeframe. Despite having 10 units of days during The Lemonade Diet, the process still benefits by chuncking. The result of this is actually the Day-to-Day Naming Contest, of which this article explores on: Day 6 of course :).

That brings us to today’s chunk called the Corner. If Hump Day on Day 4 revealed some light peeking through the end of the tunnel, today we can see the exit of the tunnel –a clear round light beckoning us to get to and pass through. Our path to success is well lit. We feel the momentum or our success. We have the confidence of having the worst of the physical effects of The Master Cleanse behind us. The majority of effort is complete and we can begin to ease into a nice pace towards the finish line.

Turning this corner feels wonderful. I am now looking a two small chunks. This weekend, and the 3 little days next week. I can manage those chunks no problem.

How do you feel about chunking? Does it help with your process? Is this an appropriate name for Day 6?