With only 3 days to go there are only 2 days left for people quit the Lemonade Diet prematurely, deciding “this is good enough”, often because their will is broken, and 7 full days is a good compromise; it is a nice first try, something to be proud of. Because Day 8 follows Day 7 (obviously), which is a nice milestone, and because Day 9 is so close to the finish line, Day 8 becomes the day when the two-face word “compromise” comes to be spoken, leading many to quit the lemonade diet early.

Don’ get me wrong, 7 days is a great accomplishment, especially for the first time cleanser. And since I have redefined the work “Fail”, you have only achieved leaving nothing to be ashamed of.

But, if you haven’t quit yet. Don’t. You can do it. Just 2 more days.

Tomorrow you can tell yourself that tomorrow is the last day (of the Lemonade Diet). Once you start the Ease-Out, you feel you are done, even though it is many hours before you get to taste your favorite comfort food again.

There are few reasons why you should continue, and choose not to compromise just yet.

Compromise is Two-Faced

I called compromise “two-faced”. This is because it seems like a good thing and a bad thing all at the same time. Sure, it is good to compromise at times. Marriages and collaborations require compromise to be successful. It feels great in those situations where two minds differ in their wants and happy resolution that accommodates both is found. But when you are standing on principal, fighting for a goal, fixated on a vision quest, compromise is the same thing as defeat.

7 days is good, but 10 days was your goal. Go get your goal. You can do it. Imagine how good you feel now with your sense of accomplishment of reaching 7 days, and then triple it because you went 10. 3 days equals triple the value because you nearly compromised, but didn’t, AND you reached your goal like you said you would.

10 Days really is important

I will never take a week long vacation again. By the time I get unpack, get settled, recover from the travel day, get lost a few times the first few day while finding what I like to do, and where to spend my time, get packed, spend another day traveling –it feels like I only had 2 days of vacation.

This is what The Master Cleanse is like for 7 day cleansers. 10 days is only 3 days better, but it makes the value days more valuable. You have more focused cleansing days following the first 4 crazy days. The deep, latter-day’s are when you feel the rewards. 10 days probably isn’t long enough either. 14 would be good. or a 30 day cycle. 10 days on The Master Cleanse, 10 Days of Living Food, and 10 Days on The Master Cleanse again.

Are you ready to quit? Do you feel this is enough? I know I did last night. I was really missing eating. But now, as I write this, this day is half over and tomorrow I will be able to say tomorrow is my last day!!!

Until next time,

Happy Cleansing