I have used running as an analogy before, and I will carry that forward to today to discuss the “High” that is reported by many Master Cleansers.

The Cleansers High is very much an extension of The Stride one hits when the process has cleared itself and the flow is engaged. The High comes from a prolonged stride –if you will. It’s a state of euphoric acceptance, and free-flowing energy. It is a finally tuned machine firing on all cylinders.

When one achieves this zen-like state, it is very encouraging. It is a state of being that feels so at-ease, even when in the midst of chaos, or trial. The challenges don’t fade away. The difficulty of the cleanse is still there. There are still the odd hunger pang, or longing to eat/taste food. For the runner, he/she is still running. It is still demanding, but the mind-set has shifted, which creates a ‘body-set’ if you will. This will make sense to you if you understand the Mind/Body relationship.

Some of the effects of the Cleanser are reported as:

  • A general sense of well-being
  • Increased energy
  • Clarity of mind, decision making
  • Glowing skin, and aurua
  • Positive outlook on the cleanse and life
  • Increased patience
  • More frequent access to “The Witness” (your alter ego who can witness your automatic pattern behaviors, allowing you to preempt those which you might like to change).

It should be noted that not everyone experiences this for one reason or another. If you don’t experience the Cleansers High, don’t fret. I see a lot of comments stating frustration about many rigid goals like not losing weight everyday, or why isn’t my skin glowing, or where is the energy burst I hear about. Every cleanse for Every body is different. I have cleansed 7 times with different results each time. But if you’re not getting the results you expected, consider the following:

  • Where your expectations reasonable to begin with (considering what I just said)?
  • Did you execute the cleanse properly?
  • Where there circumstances during this cleanse that were extenuating? What about just before the cleanse? How about what is scheduled to follow?
  • What was/is your state of mind?
  • Is it your first time cleansing?
  • Do you feel you need ‘lots’ of cleansing?

Have your experienced the Cleansers High? What was it like? Please share your experiences, we would all love to know.