Master Cleanse M.E. (My Experience)

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Learn the Secret to Success Direct from Master Cleansers.

Read the personal journals of all our Group Cleanser Winners for direct insights into the process, the challenges and the results –including how much weight you can lose and how fast.


Master Cleanse M.E. (My Experience), is a collection of journals from successful Master Cleansers detailing their results day-by-day.


  • 19 Journals from our 19 Quarterly Group Cleanse Winners
  • The average Journal contains 13,509 words in 54 pages across 5 key topics along a 14 day journey.
  • Scan through each, on certain days or read through a whole journal of someone with whom you relate with.

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  • Laneen Haniah

    Well last day of the group experience and I am happy to say that I can end this on a good note – my body feels really good today! I don't really know why. I have only been treating the candida for a few days and although I can't say I feel great I do notice a significant difference. I do recall praying really sincerely as I laid On my bed last night. I also drank ganoderma coffee yesterday. If you want some I can get some for you. anyway, I guess it is just all things working together and I am so happy to start seeing some positive change!

  • Bernadette Holzer

    I attempted to do this wonderful Master Cleanse a few months ago, I feel more prepared mentally this time, feeling pretty steady and ready for it. Physically, I have to admit, when I tried this the last time, even though I only lasted six days (three of the ease-in period and three on the fast itself) I hadn't felt so good… in ages. I had all sorts of energy, nervous energy, good energy, vibrant energy, and truthfully, it made me restless. I USED to be that energetic, all the time, and back then, I liked it. I guess that my life has changed in ways that have made me used to being calmer.

  • Brenda Avila

    I was down another pound this morning with is always welcomed. I hope to lose a couple more before I am done with the ease out. I also plan to continue to lose weight in the months to come. I would like to lose at least another 8 pounds. Physically, I am feeling really good. My tongue, while not completely restored to pink is getting there. My engergy is good. I am clear headed. I had a really good day and while I have decided not to extend beyond the ten days and ease out. I kinda still want to keep going. The results are wonderful and it is hard to stop. Maybe part of that is ear that I will lose control and put the weight back on.

  • Paula Langton

    I am feeling so good physically and have lost all the weight I gained over the holidays and then some. I don't go by numbers – just by feel. I know it will average out to be around 10 solid pounds as usual My husband caught a look at me when I was changing and went on and on about how good my body looks after the cleanse. It really felt great. My body is so grateful. My skin looks great. My arthritis symptoms are greatly reduced. No asthma and at my doctors appointment all my numbers are phenomenal: blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol; all perfect.

  • Marlice Vonck

    I am super happy about the weight lost and will try to keep it this way, with a more mindful way of eating, plenty of exercise and rest, and a cleanse again in April. This is the year of the truth for me, I’m headed for optimal health and so I will do the cleanses, also because this first one was so easy and went so well. Physically I feel great, although I did not have enough sleep the past days due to tasks I had to finish, I still had energy to get everything done and do my Qigong. This was a very positive thing to do for me.

  • Anna Wilder

    This cleanse is going so much better than the first one I did last fall. I feel so in touch with my body and spirit this time around and feel so fortunate to have made it ten days without a single bump in the road. If all continues to go well I will resume eating solid food sometime around March, starting with raw fruits and vegetables. February will be mostly juices to reintroduce my body to the routine of processing pulp and to gently restart my digestive system, which is currently being given a rest.

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  1. Prov1 (Victoria Johansen) – 2009 Q1 – Winter (second) – 17,073 Words, 61 Pages
  2. Wendy H (Wendy Harp) – 2009 Q1 – Winter (second) – 10,005 Words, 36 Pages
  3. harbour (Anna Wilder) – 2009 Q1 – Winter – 24,545 Words, 77 Pages
  4. spud (Kristen Messenger) – 2009 Q2 – Spring – 12,607 Words, 38 Pages
  5. Paula Hicks – 2009 Q3 – Summer – 11,111 Words, 36 Pages
  6. Laneen Haniah – 2009 Q4 – Fall – 7,620 Words, 45 Pages
  7. Kakda (Fui Davies) – 2010 Q3 – Summer (second) – 11,089 Words, 42 Pages
  8. Brenda (Brenda Avila) – 2010 Q3 – Summer – 11,565 Words, 40 Pages
  9. Bel Spell (Bernadette Holzer) – 2011 Q1 – Winter – 11,375 Words, 79 Pages
  10. Marlice (Marlice Vonck) – 2012 Q1 – Winter (second) – 7,134 Words, 33 Pages
  11. Me (Paul Langton) – 2012 Q1 – Winter – 8,807 Words, 33 Pages
  12. Sally (Sally Marsden) – 2012 Q2 – Spring – 10,646 Words, 39 Pages
  13. Melissa (Melissa Maltby) – 2012.Q4 – Fall (second) – 9,637 Words, 36 Pages
  14. Liz Nichol – 2012.Q4 – Fall – 15,501 Words, 68 Pages
  15. Nora (Nora Melendez) – 2013 Q1 – Winter – 31,360 Words, 129 Pages
  16. KT (Kathryn TenHoopen) – 2013 Q2 – Spring – 12,956 Words, 56 Pages
  17. Channel – 2013.Q3 – Summer – 13,009 Words, 54 Pages
  18. Rebecca (Rebecca Valencia) – 2014.Q1 – Winter – 19,168 Words, 86 Pages
  19. Michelle (Michelle Nestor) – 2015.Q1 – Winter – 11,465 Words, 37 Pages


  • 19 Full Length Books – Accounts of Actual Master Cleanse Experiences (Average 54 pages each). Each author is a winner of our Group Cleanse Experience and drown from over 5,000 Gruop Cleansers, and 50,000 comments.
  • 14 Days of Day-By-Day Accounts of Problems and Solutions covering 10 days of The Lemonade Diet and 3 Days of The Ease-Out
  • 5 Critical Topics covered each day including: The Lemonade Process (How to Do The Master Cleanse), Detoxing (How to do The Salt Water Flush, The Emotional and Psychological aspects of the experience, The Physical Results and Weight Loss experienced by these cleansers, and Social Support they received (or didn't), from who, and how it helped them succeed in their successful effort to Lose Weight Fast and Feel Great at Last
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What our Master Cleanses say about their Experience:

I'm feeling so absolutely Marvelous about my body and mind inside and out, it is Spectacular!!!!! :D The continuous detoxing is SO wonderful and quite easy to see the immediate results from. Which I think is one of the best / most awing parts of this cleanse, not only do you see the detoxing but you see the results, IMMEDIATELY!! It's so gratifying, it's like nothing else, and honestly I hate diets and restrictions but that's why I love this, because it's really not a diet it's a cleanse that has amazing benefits for your body. It's unlike most diets because of the ease in and ease out. I believe that just the mental / psychological discipline it requires to get through this, is enough to make you come out so much stronger on the other side, that you don't fall back into your old patterns… It literally is the transition into a healthier life. I LOVE IT!! “!

Channel - Master Cleanser - 2013.Q3 – Summer
Channel – Master Cleanser – 2013.Q3 – Summer

Here's what REAL, Verifiable and On-File Master Cleansers Think

Paula Langton

Master Cleanse Day 11 – I am feeling so good physically and have lost all the weight I gained over the holidays and then some. I don’t go by numbers – just by feel. I know it will average out to be around 10 solid pounds as usual. The difference in how I feel (and LOOK!) in my clothes makes it all worth while. But there’s MORE! I have arthritis in my hands and am happy to say that my pain and other symptoms have been drastically reduced. I have asthma and my symptoms are non-existant since being on the cleanse. I had been feeling very low before going on the cleanse and my mood has radically shifted since I started. (my sweet husband can attest to that.) My physical energy is phenomenal too. I am amazed at how this cleanse contributes to my overall health and not just weight loss.

Paula Langton

Marlice Vonck

Ease-Out Day 3 – I am super happy about the weight lost and will try to keep it this way, with a more mindful way of eating, plenty of exercise and rest, and a cleanse again in April. This is the year of the truth for me, I’m headed for optimal health and so I will do the cleanses, also because this first one was so easy and went so well. Physically I feel great, I still had energy to get everything done and do my Qigong.This was a very positive thing to do for me.

Marlice Vonck

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    The Standard Master Cleanse Is Clear – Stick to the program. BUT… and that's a big but. There are many ways to go beyond the Classic Master Cleanse, just know that once you change one aspect you introduce a whole host of consequences, so you should be clear about what “Function” you're aiming for and how you might best, and safely adjust your Customized Cleanse & Fast Program to accommodate it.

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