Have you been struggling with skin issues and dealing with sensitivities to drugstore cleansers? If your answers is yes, I got a solution for you. And the best part is that you most likely already have it in your kitchen. So what’s the secret? It’s the oil cleansing method.

The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

Oil Cleansing Method, Beauty tip

What do I mean? As counterintuitive as it may seem, the best way to cleanse your skin is by using natural oils rich in nutrients that feed your skin while you most effortlessly remove any dirt, makeup….from your skin. And this cleansing method works for all skin types.

I personally have been using this method for a few years now and will never go back to a drugstore cleanser. It’s been the one thing that transformed my troubled skin to skin that feels soft, looks even-toned and even glowy.

I have been using olive oil mostly, or a mixture of olive oil and other natural oils like almond oil or apricot oil.

It was actually an intuitive choice for me but this “beauty secret” has been around for centuries and is making a serious comeback. There are many “beauty bloggers” talking about this type cleansing and you can also find tons of videos on youtube on this topic.

Oil cleansing –  Cleopatra’s beauty secret

Cleopatra, beauty secret, oil cleansing method

In the tombs of Cleopatra and other members of her court, jars of cleansing cream composed of oil and lime were found. The lime has an astringent effect and the oil would keep the skin supple and rich.

source: www.skinwerein.com

Cleopatra was known for her beauty and being the queen of the nile she was, you know she had access to resources allowing her to consume the best of everything, yet she was using this natural and simple cleansing method.

Why olive oil?

Olive oil is full of vitamins, minerals and proteins to keep your skin, nails, and hair healthy and beautiful.

It’s rich in antioxidants and vitamin E to prevent aging of the skin. Here is a great article I found on many benefits of olive oil. 

Is Oil Cleansing Method for you?

If you are wondering if the oil cleansing method will make you too greasy and clog your pores, no it will not. For years I was dealing with bad acne and this cleansing method had improved my skin an a ways that was so dramatic I could hardly believe it.

Oil cleansing actually removes the excess oil (like dissolves like) effectively and will balances out your skin so it can start functioning properly and keep your skin’s oil production to a healthy level. If you have an oily skin, this will normalize your skin type over time. But you have to try it to believe it.

For more information and specific recipes (of different oils to mix according to your skin type) visit ThankYourBody blog and their article on oil cleansing method.

So throw out your expensive drugstore cleansers full of parabens and other harmful chemicals, and use this simple cleansing method to allow your skin to glow as it was meant to.

What to keep in mind before you try the olive oil cleansing method

There are 2 important things to remember when choosing your olive oil for this cleansing method:

Organic olive oil, Oil Cleansing method

1. Choose the oil that is cold pressed (so not processed) and stored in a dark glass bottle (that will protect the oil from oxidation caused by exposure to light).

2. Be picky about your source. Not all the olive oils are the same and some recent studies had revealed that approximately 20 % of olive oils out there are FAKE!

I know, I am as angry as you are. It turns out that some companies have been mixing their olive oils with other cheap, processed (not so good for you) oils. Here is an alert that we have received from Nick Pineault- Food detective and Expert author bout this fact (this is an Affiliate alert- be aware that this is link to a product sales page).

So research your source and choose responsible, if you can organic company that you can trust.

To keep your skin healthy inside-out, make sure to use olive oil on your salads, smoothies and even  consider taking a spoonful on those days when your skin feels very dry or dull.

Wishing you glowing skin that makes you feel beautiful as soon as you wake up in the morning.