Master Cleanse “My Experience”


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19 lengthy and insightful testimonials in the form of personal journals. These books are accounts of actual Master Cleanse Experiences (Average 75 pages each).

Each author is a winner of our Group Cleanse Experience which drew from over 5,000 Group Cleansers and over 50,000 comments.

14 Days of Day-By-Day Accounts of Problems and Solutions covering 10 days of The Lemonade Diet and 3 Days of The Ease-Out

5 Critical Topics covered each day including: The Lemonade Process (How to Do The Master Cleanse), Detoxing (How to do The Salt Water Flush, The Emotional and Psychological aspects of the experience, The Physical Results and Weight Loss experienced by these cleansers, and Social Support they received (or didn’t), from who, and how it helped them succeed in their successful effort to Lose Weight Fast and Feel Great at Last.


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