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This book is the result of my own experience with The Master
Cleanse from my first incorrect approach, through researching
the correct way to cleanse, launching the now famous website,, and the interviews I conducted with the 2
leading authors on The Master Cleanse, Peter Glickman and Tom

Having personally carried out the Cleanse more than a ½ dozen of
times, and having discussed it with thousands of people on The-, I recognized numerous areas of concern for
new Cleansers. The interviews were crafted around accounts of
these potential and even probable pitfalls.

Each section of this book is a critical step to becoming a Master
Cleanser. That’s not to say you’ll Master the art of Cleansing, just
that you will get to the starting line. It’s been my experience that
most people never start. And I wanted to find out why. Not starting
is a sure fire way to never finishing. So before we can run we must
first walk.

This book focuses on getting started.

This book will address how to get started with The Master Cleanse.
While it contains detailed information about The Master Cleanse,
I would still recommend that you get a complete world view of this
life-changing detox diet.


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