Rice Intention Experiment That Will Shock You

Master Cleanse is an opportunity to cleanse more than just our bodies. The mentality required to complete the master cleanse successfully is many times the foundation for a whole new way of being. If we can compliment the cleansing process with weeding out our patterns of thinking, our behavior and even habits, a whole new reality may unfold for us. It may not only  include better health but also many other improvements in other elements of out lives. In this article I would like to talk about Masaru Emoto Water studies and particularly his Rice Intention Experiment.

Healthy intentions and the choices we make every day.

Rice intention experiment We choose our foods we eat carefully, but many times we forget to do that with our thoughts and words we choose in our daily interaction. We know how “junk food”(as we call it) effects our bodies. The Super Size Me movie demonstrated that clearly and through mass media as well. Being healthy is a trend today and I hope it will never go away. I am a health-nut my self and I actually get irritated when I am not able to eat healthy and maintain my wellness.

Masaru Emoto Water Studies

In one of my previous articles I talked about the very interesting research of Masaru Emoto. This Japanese scientist and book author is known for his claims that if human speech or thoughts are directed at water droplets before they are frozen, images of the resulting water crystals will be “beautiful” or “ugly” depending upon whether the words or thoughts were positive or negative. Emoto proofs that this can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water.

The Rice Intention Experiment

One of the most known and globally shared experiments inspired by Emoto's fascinating research is The Rice Experiment. What is it?

Here are the basics of the Rice Intention Experiment:

Rice intention experiment Place cooked rice in 3 jars. Label the 1st jar “I Love You.” Label the 2nd jar “You FOOL!” Do not label the third jar. Cover the jars tightly. Take pictures of the jars. Everyday for 30 days say the words on the jars to each one. Totally ignore the one without the label. Record what you did, the date you did it, and take pictures once a week. There is people all around the world that have been doing this rice intention experiment. Many people had documented their experiences with this rice experiment. I would like to share with you a video I found, that may change your life.

30 Days Rice Experiment

Day 1 of the experiment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjfN3K_v1uY Day 30: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTz-cYk9Wu4

Masaru Emoto Water Crystals

Emoto Water Crystals
Rice intention experiment

Habit of Consciously choosing your words

How is watching this Rice Intention Experiment video going to effect the way you will talk to your friends, your child or even your self now? I hope it will inspire you to make wise choices that honor your and others Well-being. They are more than just words. For more info on this topic, Please see our other article on this topic.

Positive Water Affirmations

While I was researching Masaru Emoto's Rice Intention Experiment today I came across a great product that implements Water Affirmations in a very creative way: Positive Affirmation cards for your water by Robyn Nola. The quality of our life is connected to the quality of our water.

Adding positive words to your drinking water is powerful. Since our bodies are 70% water, focusing on beautiful images with healing words and placing intention into your water can be a transformational healing tool.

Each double-sided card features Robyn Nola's beautiful, positive images of mother nature on one side, and images from her Imagination Series Art Collection on the other side. Focus on the beauty of the art and the positive, healing words to activate the water you are drinking.

Masaru Emoto Water Experiments Inspired New habits.

Put some Love and Peace in your next glass of water. May good health, love and positive energy fill every cell in your body! To learn more about the Water affirmations cards, please go here :  www.robynnola.com

What Do You Think of the Rice Intention Experiment?

If you decide to do this rice experiment, please share your findings with us in the comment section below. It will be very appreciated. For more info on this topic, Please see our other article on this topic.

7 thoughts on “Rice Intention Experiment That Will Shock You”

  1. The intention to love and be of service to all other beings is without doubt one of the key shared attributes of most of history’s very finest people.

    Mike gets it and I applaud him for evenly and kindly making his point by evenly and kindly making his point!

    Huge Ass named himself, no doubt, so there’s his intention writ clear. It’s fine to question Emoto’s commercial instincts and even the veracity of his experiments, as any discerning mind should with all extraordinary claims. But his essential point has been proven for thousands of years: what you put out in life is what you get back.

    This site is full of people questing to be healthier, wiser and kinder people, by doing something many think is insane. Yet as I and so many of us have learned through personal experience, cleansing your body always cleanses your mind as well, and it becomes a wonderful snowball effect. We don’t need to be bliss ninnies, but sharing love and gratitude at all times with all things is not quackery: it’s simply the most common sense approach to life that there is.

  2. Mr. Emoto is a scam artist, and it’s sad to see his BS on the master cleanse site, but hey , if you think a bottle of water understands English, let alone knew who Hitler or Mother Teresa was, then it says more about about you than him! Science beats Psuedo-science every time folks.

    • It’s not english that the water, bottle or anything understands, it’s the energy. Everything is energy. All is known to this universe, including who you are, and the energy behind your words. Awareness beats Unawareness every time my friend. Psuedo-science is a word used by people who can’t explain something based on their limited perspective. Thanks for sharing :)

      • “It’s the “energy””…haha, yes of course….you don’t know how hokey you sound. Sorry, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I live in the natural world where claims such as this stands up to peer-review. It should be testable and repeatable by independent universities all around the planet, which it can not. Emoto has been offered a cash prize to demonstrate this and he can not. He’s also admitted he instructed photographers to choose the most “suitable” photographs, which is to say the ones that support his craziness. He’ll also sell you his positively energized bottles of water for $35/ oz…give your head a shake people. Water does not get ‘energy’ from nice words in English, in fact its the most stable compound there is. It only has energy when it falls off a cliff.

        • Hugh, I live in a miraculous world, with infinite possibilities. Think about that word, and then compare how incapable we are. It’s awfully short-sighted to only believe what we simple humans can prove (although we’re coming pretty far). Good luck!

          • “It’s awfully short-sighted to only believe what we simple humans can prove”….Absolutely. True enough.

            And it seems what can’t be proven, can always be sold in book-form to a segment of the population that is incapable of critical thinking, but only want something “miraculous” in their lives. I’m in the wrong business. People want miraculous. Now I just need to dream something up and and peddle a book about it.

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