The key to your successful Master Cleanse in a lot of ways resolves down to who you share with, what you share, and the support you get. That’s why we created the Share and Support Program

And that’s what has always been about. First, of course we wanted to present the information, but more importantly we wanted to provide a framework for the community to share their beliefs, ideas, concerns and questions, so that they might be informed, or sometimes just comforted.

And so in that light, we continue to try to build around the social aspects of websites like TheMasterCleanse, and the obvious impact of Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In that effort, we have created the Sharing Rewards system to track how much you share your ideas, and support the community so that you might be rewarded for your contributions.

Share and Support Rewards Program

The Sharing Rewards system is active during our Group Cleanse and available to you even if you aren’t doing the cleanse with the group. Go have a look at the video on the Group Cleanse, and on the Sharing Rewards for more information.

But keep this in mind as it relates to your Master Cleanse Experience. Your support group is a direct reflection of your personal support system. If you’re finding you have no one to share with, you are really finding out that you have a dysfunctional support group, and likely a dysfunctional internal belief structure.

Of course you may have a wonderful support group on certain topics. Perhaps your Tennis or Golf teammates are always there for you when you talk about your last game, or the latest equipment on the market. But where do they go when you start to talk about alternative health, or big picture concepts like living your best life.

Establishing Healthy Support Networks

If you’re finding that you must hide this aspect of your life because fights erupts, or guilt/shame emerges, you should be confident in your awareness that something there has to change. Perhaps you need to address your support group an encourage them to understand your evolving needs. Or perhaps you need a new support system to compliment the one you have. And you might even need to leave your old system behind. That’s nothing to fear, it’s to be encouraged. Change is good!

When you have a healthy support group, you can grow through the natural challenges that come with growth and new ideas. You’ll become free to share your fears, without shame, or guilt. You’ll get the support you need to grow. And that’s what it’s all about.

What do you think? Do you Share and Support in your own Social Network?

Or are you cut off from these very simple and helpful tools for personal growth?