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Half Way and Ending Strong

On the Roadmap, day 5 (of the Lemonade Diet)  falls on a Friday and Day 6 is a Saturday. So not only is this the halfway point of the lemonade, but it’s also the first full (and only) weekend while on the lemonade. If you eased-in, you had a moderate change to your weekend and […]

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Master Cleanse Mindset: 10 Tips for Self Motivation

The Master Cleanse Mindset is one of motivation. Whether you’re motivated to lose weight, or get control of your eating habits, or to detox, or to simply get through the first day of The Lemonade Diet, motivation is a key component to success in your efforts. I hosted renowned motivational author, speaker and entrepreneur Gerry Robert on how motivation […]

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Holistic Master Cleansing

Holistic Master Cleansing is focused on expanding The Master Cleanse to detoxing more bodies than our physical one with the “Every-Body Detox” that cleanses the Energetic Body, The Physical Body, The Emotional Body, The Mental Body, and The Environmental Body at the same time over 30 days instead of just 10. I am very excited […]

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Ease-in recipes, Master Cleanse

Ease-In Recipes: Salads, Soups, Smoothies and Juices

The Ease-In is a very important part of the Master Cleanse journey. Some people choose not to ease-into this somewhat extreme detox. I personally believe that it is a kind choice to allow our bodies to adjust to this cleansing process and slowly start letting our digestive system rest before we introduce the Master Cleanse Lemonade that eventually allows […]

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Gathering Your Master Cleanse Kit

Gathering The Master Cleanse Kit is an exciting time. For me it’s like packing to go on vacation (a vacation from eating ;). You’re making plans and arming yourself with the tools, services, information, equipment and ingredients you need. Here’s a few short tips about Gathering Your Master Cleanse Kit: Read the Instructions first The website […]

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Cleansing Your Emotional Body

Master Cleanse can be a very emotional process and it also may trigger very emotional reactions when you tell the people in your life about this choice you are making. This Cleanse is a bit extreme and goes against many common beliefs people have about food and eating etc…and you may need to prepare for […]

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Salt Water Flush and Letting go

Salt Water Flush: Releasing and Letting Go

Salt Water Flush is for many people (and for me for sure) the toughest part of the Master Cleanse. I love the lemonade. It taste so good and when I get ny self busy and drink enough of it, the thought of food is easy to overcome eventually, but the SWF is another story. Not […]

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Affirmations and Afformations: What’s The Difference and How to Make Them Work For You

When thinking about Affirmations and Afformations, I like to start with one question: Considering your choice of words on daily basis, what are you affirming in your life? Words we use are actually extensions of our own energy and our consciousness, and they just continually keep inviting experiences into our life that are of the […]

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Habits of Thinking: 20 Affirmations for Great New Habits

This is my second video and the Day 2 of the 30 Days to Master Cleansing Blogging Experience. In the last Article I talked about the 4 elements of our being and here they are again: Physical Body Emotional Body Mental Body Energy Body/ Our Energy System The Mental Body All of these bodies need […]

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