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How Can I Make the Salt Water Flush Easier?

We cover the main salt water flush instructions in another post, but these special instructions are for those who can’t seem to get it down so that it’s effective as their daily detox elimination. We know that many people report they can’t stand the Salt Water Flush. If it isn’t the taste (or after-taste), its the […]

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Are There Alternatives to the Salt Water Flush?

This is a 2 part question. Is there something else I can do besides the salt water flush? And, is it Really Necessary? Do I have to do it at all? And for both questions my answer is the same. The top alternative is to NOT DO IT. It’s optional. Besides that there isn’t really […]

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Do I use the Salt Water Flush, the Laxative or Both?

The “classic” Master Cleanse (aka “Strict Burroughs”) original recipe indicates that the laxative detox tea made from the herb senna is required daily, morning and night. I for one would only do it in the evening, right before bed, when I am so tired I can’t stay up anymore so that I know by the […]

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Can I Substitute Cayenne Pepper on The Master Cleanse (Alternatives)

The Cayenne Pepper is frankly just as important to the master cleanse as the fresh lemon juice is, which makes the choice to substitute cayenne pepper, or how it’s taken a dubious decision, and one that must consider fully why cayenne pepper is indeed so important. Yes it’s hot. Yes, it makes what would be […]

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Maple Syrup, Christmas presents for people who cleanse

What Are the Maple Syrup Alternatives in The Master Cleanse – Honey, Agave, Molasses?

The Maple Syrup ingredient of The Master Cleanse is the most substituted ingredient largely because maple syrup can be hard to come by, but more so because people have a misconception about sugar, types of sugar, the quality of sugar in maple syrup, the differences in sugars in real maple syrup vs. fake maple syrup […]

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Can I Substitute Lemon Juice on The Master Cleanse (Alternatives)

When people ask if they can substitute lemon juice during their lemonade diet master cleanse, there are a couple reasons why, the most common is that fresh lemons are hard to find in many parts of the world, especially those in central and south america where limes rule the day, called limon. Other reasons why people […]

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