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Organic Cayenne Pepper – Simply Organic

Cayenne Pepper has many wonderful properties. It is a stimulant which raises the metabolism (something that is important when not digesting food). It increases circulation, which is very helpful when cleansing because one often feels slightly cool, likely due to the low metabolism which results from not digesting food. Cayenne Pepper also acts as a […]

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Organic Maple Syrup by Maple Valley – Dark – 64 fl oz

Organic Maple Syrup of the highest quality in a size perfect for extending your Master Cleanse well beyond your initial commitment. If you’re doing a 6×10 Lemonade Diet (Minimum 6 Servings for 10 Days), you’ll need 60 ounces of Maple Syrup, so this 64 oz jug should do just fine, but if you’re doing the […]

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Organic Master Cleanse Kit – 32 oz (by Maple Valley)

The 32 oz Master Cleanse Kit isn’t exactly recommended as itself, but it can be useful when combining products/kits etc. to customize your cleanse. This kit was originally conceived by Maple Valley for those wanting shorter cleanses and only 6 servings per day (the minimum). But since we recommended at 10×10 Lemonade Diet (10 servings […]

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Organic Master Cleanse Kit – 64 oz (by Maple Valley)

The perfect sized kit for those doing the originally suggested minimum serving size lemonade diet, what we call a 6×10 Lemonade Diet. We always recommend an easier, and usually more productive cleanse of 10×10 Lemonade Diet (10 servings for 10 days). You can always bundle up our kits with our individual maple syrup bottles to […]

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Organic Master Cleanse Kit – 128 oz (by Maple Valley)

The perfect sized kit for all our Newbie Cleansers out there as this amount of maple syrup will give you the ideal amount of calories and nutrition to ensure you maximize effectiveness (weight loss and detox), while still feeling full, satisfied, and energized more often.

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Smooth Move Laxative Tea

The Daily Detox Tea is a herbal laxative which will naturally facilitate the cleansing movements you need each day since you’re on a liquid only diet, this herbal tea called senna leaf, is a required aspect of the master cleanse to ensure your detox is a detox and not a pro-tox (promoting and invigorating toxic […]

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Gathering Your Master Cleanse Kit

The Master Cleanse Kit will be your breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snack routine for the next 10 days and so it’s importance should be obvious. ” The lemonade diet, about to be described, has successfully and consistently demonstrated its eliminative and building ability. Lemons and limes are the richest source of minerals and vitamins […]

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100% Pure Maple Syrup by Now Foods – 64 fl oz

A non-organic maple syrup by Now Foods, a leader in food quality is a fine alternative if you can’t find organic, but I mean why can’t you find organic. If you’re buying this non-organic product from us or Amazon, you can also get the organic one from us or Amazon as well. It’s only $10 […]

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