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8th Annual – New Years Group Cleanse – 2015

It’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate the past years successes with just a little too much food and drink. Yes, it’s easy to let the holidays get away from us, especially when it’s cold outside and our family is all around each bringing their own famous dish or desert. What’s more, stress […]

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tips _to_make_the_Master_Cleanse_Lemonade

5 Tips to Make the Master Cleanse Lemonade Right

Everyone who chooses to do the Master Cleanse has very specific reasons why they feel they need to cleanse. They may have goals to achieve, be it to lose weight fast (or at any speed), eliminate toxins, to address bad eating habits or balancing their health in certain aspects. To ensure your results, we decided to write a […]

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Half Way and Ending Strong

On the Roadmap, day 5 (of the Lemonade Diet)  falls on a Friday and Day 6 is a Saturday. So not only is this the halfway point of the lemonade, but it’s also the first full (and only) weekend while on the lemonade. If you eased-in, you had a moderate change to your weekend and […]

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Cleansing Your Emotional Body

Master Cleanse can be a very emotional process and it also may trigger very emotional reactions when you tell the people in your life about this choice you are making. This Cleanse is a bit extreme and goes against many common beliefs people have about food and eating etc…and you may need to prepare for […]

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Salt Water Flush and Letting go

Salt Water Flush: Releasing and Letting Go

Salt Water Flush is for many people (and for me for sure) the toughest part of the Master Cleanse. I love the lemonade. It taste so good and when I get ny self busy and drink enough of it, the thought of food is easy to overcome eventually, but the SWF is another story. Not […]

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Affirmations and Afformations: What’s The Difference and How to Make Them Work For You

When thinking about Affirmations and Afformations, I like to start with one question: Considering your choice of words on daily basis, what are you affirming in your life? Words we use are actually extensions of our own energy and our consciousness, and they just continually keep inviting experiences into our life that are of the […]

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Habits of Thinking: 20 Affirmations for Great New Habits

This is my second video and the Day 2 of the 30 Days to Master Cleansing Blogging Experience. In the last Article I talked about the 4 elements of our being and here they are again: Physical Body Emotional Body Mental Body Energy Body/ Our Energy System The Mental Body All of these bodies need […]

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yes-you-can, master cleanse

The Master Cleanse. Can I do it?

Hello wonderful Master Cleanse community! There are many people visiting this website that are about to do the Master Cleanse for the first time. A lot of them are wondering about their ability to keep going after the first couple of days on the cleanse. That is natural as our mind will have us convinced […]

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Master Cleanse

Hold on to your clear vision

Remember why you have started this challenging Cleanse. This is why you do The Master Cleanse : to be healthier, to feel lighter, to honour your body and to allow it to function properly, even perfectly, to know that you can do this, to be proud of your self you made this choice, to inspire […]

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Letting Go of the Past: The Emotional Detox

Hello Master Cleanse community! I am a new contributor to The Master Cleanse website and this wonderful on line community and I just wanted to take a moment to introduce my self. My name is Erika Dolnackova and I am a Life coach from the city of health-nuts -Vancouver, BC. In the last couple of […]

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Lentil Soup at True Food

Ease out day two (Jeff McLeod)

Oh my goodness, food has never tasted sooo good. Today was the first time I actually had to chew something in 15 days to get it down. And it was glorious! Day fifteen I wake up and I’m almost a little bit nervous. I finally get to have some warm, and kind of real food. […]

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Ease out day one (Jeff McLeod)

Talk about feeling like a kid at Christmas! There is no better way to describe my emotions when my eyes opened up today. The cleanse is over, I made it through. Now I’m into my re-integration phase, or as they call it in the health care industry, re-feeding. Day fourteen I wake up and shoot […]

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Last Glass of Lemonade

Lemonade Diet Day Ten (Jeff McLeod)

Woot woot!!! I made it, I’m here.  I am cleansed! After ten long days of what I’m calling, the hunger quencher’s trifector diet (cayenne lemonades, salt water flushes, and laxative teas) I am finally done!  It wasn’t easy, but I made it. Day Thirteen Rise and shine and drink the brine! And like a good […]

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Lemonade Diet Day Nine (Jeff McLeod)

I can hardly believe it. I am basically 24 hrs away from being done this cleanse.  I never in my life thought I’d be able to say that! But here I stand, albeit, much lighter, but here I stand on the edge of completion! Day Twelve I wake up a little sleepy.  What happened to […]

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Sleep graph day 8

Lemonade Diet Day Eight (Jeff McLeod)

Again, I’d like to thank all the people who have been sending me sweet messages, commenting, and calling me with words of encouragement. Your support means a lot to me and is really helping me get to the end of this cleanse successfully! Thank you. Day Eleven Waky, waky eggs and baky. That’s what I […]

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Electric Juicer

Lemonade Diet Day Seven (Jeff McLeod)

Ahhh, welcome to Scottsdale, Arizona. I must say, stepping out of the airport with my jacket in hand, instead of on my back, was a charm. And what was even better was putting it away, not to be warn again for a long, long time. Day Ten I stayed up last night until around 2:30a […]

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Jeff McLeod

Lemonade Diet Day Six (Jeff McLeod)

I anticipated today to be hard. And on some levels it was. But to be totally honest, it wasn’t that bad. Like most things in life, it was much worse in my head than it was in real life. Also, please watch the video to the end today, as we are giving away a really […]

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Sleep graph for day 5

Lemonade Diet Day Five (Jeff McLeod)

Today was HUMP DAY. The official halfway mark of The Master Cleanse, including the ease-in and ease-out processes. Today brought unexpected results… again!  I tinkered with the formula for my salt water flush, and had some odd results. And I spent the night partying with my friends. Which was a bit of a social experiment […]

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Sleep graph for Day 4

Lemonade diet day four (Jeff McLeod)

Well even though I’m getting into the swing of things, and becoming pretty good with my routines, today brought something new for me both psychologically and physically. But nonetheless day four went down with no major hitches. Day Seven I wake up, somewhat sleep deprived as usual, but feeling like a daisy. The first few […]

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Maple Syrup

Lemonade Diet Day Three (Jeff McLeod)

Day three in the can! Seems to be getting easier and easier. Actually, I think the toughest day so far was the second day of the ease-in. But now that I have a routine down, I think I’m pretty set. I made a pretty lengthy video tonight showing the exact process I take to make […]

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