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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Lemonade Diet Day 10 – Time to Quit?

Wow – We did it. I did it. One more Lemonade Diet in the books. When day 10 comes around it’s time to quit. Or is it? What a journey. If you planned to go 10 days, congrats, you made it. Some people plan to go longer and for you, you can still feel proud. […]

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Ease-Out: Stopping The Master Cleanse

Stopping The Master Cleanse can be (by far), the most dangerous part of cleansing, when done wrong. How dangerous? That depends on how far into the lemonade diet you are. If you’re just doing a 3 day lemon cleanse, you won’t have to be as careful as as you will have to be if your lemonade […]

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Am I Done The Master Cleanse when I have a Pink Tongue?

The most commonly agreed-on sign that your Master Cleanse is done, is the “Master Cleanse Tongue” the pink tongue emerging (or returning) as your body moves through stages of detox. There is some controversy to this as well as there are different reasons why one may develop a white fuzzy tongue, but Stanley Burroughs himself […]

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