Tom Woloshyn’s Book – The Complete Master Cleanse

Price: $7.80 Stars: 4 Savings: $6.15 The Lemonade Diet is simple and powerful. The recipe takes only minutes to learn, and when done correctly the cleanse is surprisingly easy and completely safe. But there’s more to it than just drinking the lemonade mixture. The Complete Master Cleanse offers a step-by-step program that unleashes the full power of the …

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Organic Master Cleanse Kit – 32 oz (by Maple Valley)

The 32 oz Master Cleanse Kit isn’t exactly recommended as itself, but it can be useful when combining products/kits etc. to customize your cleanse. This kit was originally conceived by Maple Valley for those wanting shorter cleanses and only 6 servings per day (the minimum). But since we recommended at 10×10 Lemonade Diet (10 servings for 10 days), you should really just buy this kit if you’re also getting more maple syrup.

Organic Master Cleanse Kit – 64 oz (by Maple Valley)

The perfect sized kit for those doing the originally suggested minimum serving size lemonade diet, what we call a 6×10 Lemonade Diet. We always recommend an easier, and usually more productive cleanse of 10×10 Lemonade Diet (10 servings for 10 days). You can always bundle up our kits with our individual maple syrup bottles to get just the right amount of maple syrup you’ll need.

Certified Organic Lemons (10 Pounds)

Of course you know you need lemons for your lemonade diet, but did you know that you can get them delivered to your front door? Thanks to the magic of Amazon, you can. Fresh, organic, and guaranteed full of all the fresh active enzymes and cleansing wonder that a wholesome lemon, freshly squeezed should provide you during your master cleanse.

Smooth Move Laxative Tea

The Daily Detox Tea is a herbal laxative which will naturally facilitate the cleansing movements you need each day since you’re on a liquid only diet, this herbal tea called senna leaf, is a required aspect of the master cleanse to ensure your detox is a detox and not a pro-tox (promoting and invigorating toxic upheaval without eliminations through bowel movements).

Sea Salt (By Celtic) – 8oz – Course

If you’re wondering what type of salt to use for your Master Cleanse salt water flush, we recommend Celtic Sea Salt. With a flavour subtler than that of the coarser variety, Celtic Sea Salt is an all-purpose shaker salt convenient for use at the table, or in baking. A big part of The Master Cleanse is obviously the salt water flush. The Celtic Sea Salt is not only a great option as a main ingredient but it is also very well priced for the quality of product you are getting.