Men and Women who want to Lose Weight “F.A.S.T.” (and get healthy in the process).

Here’s what Actual Master Cleansers are Saying:

Master Cleanse Day 11 – I am feeling so good physically and have lost all the weight I gained over the holidays and then some. I don’t go by numbers – just by feel. I know it will average out to be around 10 solid pounds as usual. The difference in how I feel (and LOOK!) in my clothes makes it all worth while. But there’s MORE! I have arthritis in my hands and am happy to say that my pain and other symptoms have been drastically reduced. I have asthma and my symptoms are non-existant since being on the cleanse. I had been feeling very low before going on the cleanse and my mood has radically shifted since I started. (my sweet husband can attest to that.) My physical energy is phenomenal too. I am amazed at how this cleanse contributes to my overall health and not just weight loss.

Paula Langton

Ease-Out Day 3 – I am super happy about the weight lost and will try to keep it this way, with a more mindful way of eating, plenty of exercise and rest, and a cleanse again in April. This is the year of the truth for me, I’m headed for optimal health and so I will do the cleanses, also because this first one was so easy and went so well. Physically I feel great, I still had energy to get everything done and do my Qigong.This was a very positive thing to do for me.

Marlice Vonck

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