I used to drink my lemonade Pre-mixed. I now understand a critical flaw to this plan. The longer your Lemonade sits, the more enzymes die. OK, that’s a bit dramatic. They don’t die, because they are technically not alive. But they do lose their ability to do their jobs.

Lemon Juice really is a unique juice. It is acidic, but when consumed it has an alkalizing effect on the body because of high levels of magnesium, calcium and potassium. By now you probably realize that nearly all packaged foods are almost completely devitalized; they are “dead”. “Live” food has active, living elements. Dead food has been cooked, and processed and contains only calories –no “living” enzymes. These enzymes break apart and put together cells. Enzymes are technically “alive”, but rather are active or inactive.

The acids in the lemon juice have the ability to break down calcified substances including gallstones and kidney stones. Fresh Lemon Juice also has similar properties as does our saliva and bile which are digestive aids that our bodies produce. This helps with the process of Autolysis which Tom describes as “self-digestion”, or the breaking down of unhealthy cells which our bodies can then use to regenerate itself.

If you need to Pre-mix your Lemonade, then you should only mix a concentrate of just the Fresh Lemon Juice, and the Rich Maple Syrup. The maple syrup acts as a preservative. This Lemonade Diet Concentrate will keep the enzymes alive long enough to be consumed during the day.

How to Make a Batch to GO

There’re are details on this process here, but in general:

Store The Lemonade Diet Concentrate in a cool, dark, glass container. Do not add the cayenne or water to the concentrate. The cayenne will “Steep” like tea, and make the concentrate very hot. The water will dilute the maple syrup and the enzymes in the Fresh Lemon Juice will *DIE. Don’t be an enzymicidal maniac, they’re deserve to live and they are your friends.

When you’re ready for a drink, measure 4 Tablespoons into a glass. Add your cayenne and water, mix and drink. What could be simpler.

Understand and respect this simple detail about The Lemonade Diet Enzymes and The Lemonade Diet Concentrate because it is crucial to your success, and is a leading cause of Master Cleanse Problems.