Hello wonderful Master Cleanse community!

There are many people visiting this website that are about to do the Master Cleanse for the first time. A lot of them are wondering about their ability to keep going after the first couple of days on the cleanse. That is natural as our mind will have us convinced that we have to eat in order to survive. Well, after doing the Master Cleanse my self, I learned many new things about my own body and what it can or cannot do. And many of them were a little surprise to me, expended my comfort zone as well as stretched my mind.

I was just visiting our Facebook page this morning and these are some of the comments I found on our wall :

“Day2, going for 5…needs encouragement to go the whole 10!! lol”

Day 11 thinking about going for 30. Not so sure it’s safe for the body… Any advice would be helpful.

Day 1has been great. No food cravings. Taking the tea now. Is it ok to exercise while on Master Cleanse? Help pliz and Thank you.

Just started day 1. Did my SWF (Salt Water Flush) this morning…Yikes! Feeling pretty good, a little bit tired, but I know these first 3 days will be the worst!

Here is a video I found on utube that is very inspiring. Abigail did 40 days on the master cleanse and looks amazing!:

Transformation through The Master Cleanse

Another inspirational comment from our Facebook wall :

Good morning everyone ! Today is Day 41, which means my first day of ease out! I am proud of my self for completing The Master Cleanse :-) My main goal was to rid my self of the food addiction, and now that I have detoxed, I plan on continuing a healthy lifestyle. So my results… ! Starting weight: 192.8 lb! Current weight: 154.4 lb! Height : 5’4″ ! Current BMI : 26.5! Weight loos : 38.4 lb! I lost 6 inches from my waist ! I feel like a completely new person! Good luck to all trying The Master Cleanse! You can do it!!!

That’s the spirit! The name of this amazing lady is Missis Mackey.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” Jim Rohn.

Happy Cleansing everyone!