The Master Cleanse is most commonly sought out for, and used for it’s ability to create fast weight loss. Especially by first newbie cleansers. But anyone who reads the texts, websites, and communities dedicated to the ideas present in the discussions surrounding the topic of The Master Cleanse and Lemonade Diet can tell you it’s much more than just fast weight loss and spicy lemonade.

Master Cleanse Ideas:

In my experience with The Master Cleanse (having cleansed 5 times), and through founding of this website, I have found the central ideas of The Master Cleanse to focus on the topics or “channels” listed below.

  1. Fast Weight Loss
  2. Cleansing Detox Diet
  3. Eating Healthy
  4. Holistic Healing
  5. Self Care
  6. Personal Development

Fast Weight Loss

This topic focuses on weight loss, and fasting, not necessarily “Quick” weight loss, although with The Master Cleanse weight loss does occur rather quickly. Losing weight and being fit through diets, and exercise. We’ll explore not only fast and healthy weight loss, but how what is our ideal weight and how to we can achieve it and maintain it.

Cleansing Detox

Any diet or process that provides a cleansing or detox effect, removing “toxins” from our bodies, food, water, environment and lives. The process of eliminating and preventing toxins through a diet, or otherwise. Detoxing food, water, air, homes our minds.

Eating Healthy

The Master Cleanse itself is an act of “healthy eating”. It’s a mono-diet of nutrient and vitamin rich foods in liquid form. Although no “chewing” occurs, we definitely still eat, or consume food. But this topic focus on the expansion from juicing, to blending, raw foods, and general healthy eating practices.

Holistic Health

This topic focuses on weight loss, and fasting, not necessarily “Quick” weight loss, although with The Master Cleanse weight loss does occur rather quickly.

Self Care

Taking personal Accountability for managing their own health using tools and services to track, understand and inform them on realities of their body/health condition. Screening, and Prevention

Personal Development

Personal development is the process of challenging oneself to grow in life-skills including: productivity, time management, education, self help, self talk and so much more.

Master Cleanse Media

This article is an introduction to a 5 Part Series covering the above topics across each of the following media. We’ll continue to review the people, places, products and services that are leading the different ideas of what The Master Cleanse is, while presenting our own take on the issues, and perhaps most importantly, providing a platform for the community to cultivate, and curate these ideas into a useable resource for everyone interested in informing themselves.

  1. Master Cleanse Books
  2. Master Cleanse Authors
  3. Master Cleanse Videos
  4. Master Cleanse Programs
  5. Master Cleanse Services

The Master Cleanse Community

Master Cleansers have a common bond and share a desire to support and encourage one-another in our success and growth. It all starts with you. So in that light, please start now by suggesting one of your favourite books, authors, videos, programs or services that you love, or wish we would review in detail.