The programming in our minds is SO powerful. It’s so powerful that you actually DON”T want to lose weight.


Think about this for a second:

What do you do when you lose your keys?

Of course you need to find them, so you look for them right? And the more useful, and needed the item, the greater the urgency to find that item.

But what about that one item that isn’t everyday useful and therefore can be “let go”.

Want To Lose Weight

Losing weight means somethings missing

Have you ever experience that sense of wonder of where it went? It’s almost like an itch to discover where it has gone.

I have always been fascinated by the sense of attraction I had to the SOMETHING I had lost. I sometimes cared less for the loss of the item, but now felt compelled to satisfy the idea of getting back what was gone. Or maybe it’s the hunt, the discovery of WHAT HAPPENED?

Now think about something even more psychologically connected to us, like when we lose a love, due to death, or just a breakup. The sense of loss is haunting.

And what about lost opportunities. Man, that drives me nuts sometimes. I am so compelled to analyze situations so that I might avoid the pain of the reality that might cause me to think I was wrong, and therefore missed the chance for what I could have had if I were right. For example, when I passed up on my senior year of college to play hockey for the Canadian National Team.

Or how about simply missing the opportunity of getting something because I failed to act, like not asking that cute slovak out for lunch when i met her randomly one day on the subway.

This programming is so ingrained into ourselves, into our sub-concious that we don’t ever become of aware of how we will long for something lost –Even if we never wanted it in the first place.

This conditioning is responsible for well documented syndromes where kidnapping victims, or POW’s will literally morn the loss of their abusers.

So what does all this LOSS and fear of loss have to do with losing weight?

Want To Lose Weight?

Well, what do you think you do when you lose weight?

Think about the wording in that sentence.

It’s the word “Lose”

You will always have a sense of loss, or even worse, and expectation of the lurking, pending return.

Do you think this is giving too much power to our words? Then you should check out the Rice Experiment, for a little real world proof of the power of our words.

But consider just changing your perspective on the process, just by a very small degree, and let’s see if the results can be changed in a real, dramatic and meaningful way.

Let’s consider what happens when we release something, or allow for something to fall away.

The loss is gone. Literally. The word loss in no longer in the sentence, and the feeling is no longer in the reality.

When you change your intention to release your “extra” weight, from wanting to “lose” weight, the whole concept changes.

So repeat after me:

I no longer Want To Lose Weight.

This is the very type of Paradigm change that we’re all capable of learning. It’s technology that can be learned, and Bob Proctor, leading mind of the craze around Law of Attraction and the amazing movie and book, The Secret is standing by to help you understand what a Paradigm is, how it’s holding you back, and what you can do to overcome it.

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It’s a marketing tactic called “scarcity” (the opposite of abundance).

Creating scarcity preys on a sense of loss compelling people to take action (I do so as an example only ;), the video will be there when you click over, I promise.

This powerful technique can be used for good and bad, and both consciously and sub-conciously.

So get going now to find out how you can be the user of this phenomenon, and not the USED.

Learn how to recognize your abundance, and release that which you no longer need; your extra pounds, your absence of financial freedom or your lingering poor relationships so you can finally be free to enjoy your life like you know you can.

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Don’t Want to Lose Weight – Allow for the release of the weight

If you want to lose weight, do you think you’re mind is to blame? If so how much? Does you think Bob Proctor has the secret to this awesome technique?