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Wayne Dyer is an influencer, a thought leader, a visionary and a teacher. He is incredibly influential and deservedly so, like Oprah, Louise Hay, Eckart Tolle, Depak Chopra and so many more. And like these people he’s a Master of Healing of all our bodies; Mind, Physical Body, Spirit, etc. So it’s timely that I release my essay on Dr. Dyer’s experience on The Master Cleanse as the Healing with the Masters Season 11 is upon us.

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Dr. Dyer carries so much influence, and respect that when he shares his thoughts, and goes on the record about his experiences we all should listen. Especially when those thoughts are on controversial, mis-understood and otherwise developing ideas.

First a little bit about the man Wayne Dyer. Dr Dyer is is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He’s the author of over 30 books and has had 10 of those be featured on National Television, the most recent being Wishes Fulfilled

Dyer is affectionately called the “father of motivation” by his fans. Despite his childhood spent in orphanages and foster homes, Dr. Dyer has overcome many obstacles to make his dreams come true, one of the biggest being a Leukemia diagnosis in 2010. Today he spends much of his time showing others how to do the same from his home in Maui or elsewhere around the world.

This article is an account regarding Dr. Wayne Dyer on The Master Cleanse, something he did to get a life changing experience and hopefully get down the path of fighting off leukemia.

A large majority of these words are Dr. Dyer’s own opinion, directly quoted from a series of radio interviews broadcasted by Louise Hay’s Hay House Radio, with archives available on HayHouseRadio.com, and on DrWayneDyer.com

Wayne Dyer: Master of Healing

Dr. Dyer has a transformational and revolutionary idea of how to deal with Leukemia. He calls it “living with cancer”. He’s not yet a “Survivor” because he technically still has cancer. When I watched Dr. Dyer speak in Vancouver on a chilly  spring day in Vancouver in early 2012 at the “I Can Do It” Conference he spoke those very words, and I caught pause as I had never heard something so commonly addressed phrased in such a simple and profound way.

He said, “I am not fighting, I am living” – a clearly articulated testate to the concept of the “Law of Attraction”, “Biology of Belief” and how to “Heal Your Life” that each and every speaker would address in one way or another over the course of the 2 day conference. You might naturally expect this as each author is a Hay House author, part of the stable of New School holistic thinkers gathered together by Louise Hay, author of “Heal Your Life” and founder of Hay House Publishing.

I mention these people because they represent the same fabric from which Dr. Dyer is cut from.

He’s a student of life and a perfect medium to communicate the common language of bleeding edge science so that it can be heard and understood by you and I. He’s a Father figure due to his calming tone, delivery and general perpetual exuding of goodness. So when Wayne Dyer; much like Oprah Winfrey or Louise Hay; takes on a subject, that’s probably why we stop, listen and take notice of their findings.

Wayne Dyer: Master Healer On The Master Cleanse

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I’ve often thought that if we could only interview a wide selection of those people we respect and take their word to understand their position, how they feel about The Master Cleanse, or any controversial concept it would be invaluable.

I want to call this segment “iMasterCleanse”, an interactive account of the individual experiences of people on a particular subject (famous, popular, respected and even otherwise). The title would draw from the common structure of personal essays by the worlds greatest minds on certain subjects often simply titled “on fasting”, “on capitalism”, or “on steroids in sports”. The result would be a series of reports such as this one to follow, entitled “Wayne Dyer on The Master Cleanse”. The following is just some of what Dr. Dyer thought about the cleanse.

“What I’ve been doing in preparation for this thing on divine love is I feel myself moving into a new phase in my life, a new stage. I’ve always said that there are different callings that we have in our life and now I’m called to try to make myself more spiritually aligned with God on a daily basis. Not just in what I write in what I speak about but living it full time and never having any thoughts of harm directed toward other people or even toward myself.”

When speaking of controversial issues, Dyer said “Its an interesting challenge because so often thoughts come into our mind about judgement toward something or someone else or anger or resentment or condemnation of this or that.

I was thinking about what happened in this past week when President Obama made his announcement about how he supported same-sex marriage and I thought ‘What is the problem?’ I don’t even understand what the problem is with this and why we have to go to such lengths and have such political disputes on it…The fact is all people are asking for is to have the same rights as anybody else. It doesn’t seem to me that should be anything that is looked at with anything else other than divine love.

What we do is we put our judgements about how we think the world should be, not only how it is for us, but we put it how we think for others it should be as well.”

On The Challenge and Breaking Through Comfort Zones

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When talking about breaking through comfort zones, Dr. Dyer couldn’t say enough good things about The Master Cleanse. “One of the things I’ve been doing [to prepare] I’m in the fourth day of something called The Master Cleanse,” he said.

“Its interesting because I’ve heard people talk about going on hunger strikes for example. The hunger only lasts for a short period of time and then it dissipates.

We’re so accustomed to giving our bodies food all the time. I remember reading Siddhartha many years ago.

Siddhartha was the name of Buddha many years ago, one of the lines that I’ve spoken about many times in my earlier talks was his constant companion was a friend name Govinda and Govinda was asking him, because he was practicing this fasting, he said ‘What good is fasting?’ to Buddha. Siddhartha’s response, I’ll never forget it.

He said:

‘I can laugh at hunger.’

I think about people who can look at something like hunger and just say ‘Who I am is something beyond that.’ This is part of my training as well. Im in the fourth day of having no food. The only thing I’ve been having is what’s in The Master Cleanse, which is just lemon juice and little bit of maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

It’s a 10 day cleanse and I may even do it beyond that.

The first day all I could think about is hunger. You turn on the television and all they show is commercials and they show cheeseburgers, you can almost smell them. Its food, food, food, food all the time. The first day is discipline and ‘I’ll get past this’ and ‘I’ll drink water when Im hungry.’

Then the second day is the same thing. It’s ‘Oh my God I don’t know if I can do this.’

Then yesterday was the third day and I was so energized. I did a yoga class extra long and a walk that I haven’t been able to do because I’ve had a back issue for the last couple of months and it just disappeared on me. I walked excessively energetic.

All of this was without food.

Right now Im talking to 100,000s people all over the planet about opening up yourself to new possibilities of getting of your comfort zone and challenging yourself and testing yourself in a way that you’ve never tested yourself before because all of you, everyone out there, you’re not these bodies. These are just things that you shed after being in them for very few moments. Who you are is this divine spirit that is capable of all things. This is something that Wishes Fulfilled is about, this is what my life is about and as I continue to grow my next writings Im going to share with you on divine love and the ability to get yourself to a place of God realization and live at that place day in and day out.”

On Fasting

Dyer also covered fasting in his radio interviews. He said “I was going back and I was looking at some of the teachings of Peter Junoff, who you’ve heard me speak about many times and Omraam Ivanov. This is what it says on fasting.

He says:

‘Fasting is beneficial for health. All initiates, which is all of us truth seekers and trying to find the highest way to be, recommend fasting because they know that it purifies one organism and that health is based on purity. If you never fast, the cells of your stomach and other organs get in the habit of counting on you, their master. They know that you will always give them all they need and they grow lazy. Also as you always give them too much food they cannot absorb it all. Some of it begins to stagnate and it ferments and rot.

Where as when you fast and your cells discover that you’re not giving them anything to eat they learn to be wiser and more economical and more active in order to survive on their reserves. When this is the case permutation is no longer the problem. If you never fast, you’re heading for a dangerous situation in the future; for your cells will become passive and lazy and weak.’

Of course too long of a fast can weaken the organism and even cause death, so Im not talking about never eating again. But if you know how long to fast and the conditions in which to do so and you set about the right spirit then the benefits for your health can be immense.

Jesus went into the desert and fasted for 40 days. That’s one of the things; when Jesus was asked the question ‘How do you reach God?’ he said prayer and fasting. Those are his words directly out of the new testament.

This is now the fourth day and I haven’t even thought about food today at all. I just had my little lemonade with the lemon juice and cayenne pepper and the maple syrup. It gives you enough nutrients but the whole purpose of this is to cleanse.

Its just a process, its something to consider. I think it also gives us a sense of beginning to realize that the things we believe we can’t do without; we can’t do without sleep for a long time. I used to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning and I used to go for walks. Whoever I would meet I would go out and talk to. I would often meet homeless people when I was in different cities…There was no problem with it whatsoever and later on in the day I could just take a nap.”

On Resetting Beliefs

Dr. Dyer also talked about changing our fundamental beliefs a bit. “We sort of tell ourselves I have to have so much sleep, I have to have so much food. These are all things where if I don’t have them Im going to collapse and I can’t stand it.

We use those terms and those terms sort of reflect an inner feeling that ‘I have to have this.’ I just think about what Omraam Ivanov was speaking about…All of the organs and all of the cells of our body just become so dependent and overly dependent and know that food is going to be coming at any moment and we’re going to be giving you way more than you need and what are you going to do with that.

I always remember a line from Julius Caesar, Shakespeare: Young Casius has that lean and hungry look.

Thats the look that I’m looking for in my life. To feel more lean and feel more energetic and not so dependent on the habits that I’ve formed in my lifetime.

As I go through this fasting process I realize that I am having a lot of stuff that has built up in my system has obviously been there for a long time because it comes out with some weird looking things where I can only wonder what this is. Something came out on a little motorcycle. I don’t know. What are you doing in there?

Its just a part of my ongoing process of just challenging myself and seeing if I can become more like Buddha, who said ‘I can look at hunger and laugh

at it.’ I can look at deprivation and any of those things and realize that I am part of something much bigger, much grander, much more connected to God.

I’ve noticed [such mental clarity and vision] already. I’ve felt more energy last night.

I don’t even think about food now. I don’t even think that 10 days are going to be enough. I may go beyond this. I don’t know I may never eat again. The longest anyone has ever gone on this fast continuous days is I think 370 days, thats over a year.

I [also] realized how much, because I’ve been watching the basketball playoffs and the TV is on, collectively I don’t know if we’ve thought about this Diane; the messages on our television screen and what they’re doing to us.

Theres so many pictures; when you don’t eat solid food for 10 days you start noticing things. The meat sizzling away and the cheese over the top and someone take a bite of this burrito and on and on. Its every commercial and you study these commercials and your sub-conscious mind is being programmed. Then you wonder why we have an obesity crisis.”

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On Spiritual Growth

In addition, Dyer talked about his spiritual growth. “I’m feeling very energized and very excited. Again its another one of those things I put myself through to challenge myself and see if I can get outside my comfort zone and be closer to God.

That’s basically what its about for me is who I am is simply not this body. I talk about that in Wishes Fulfilled.

William Blake had this wonderful line he said “We are all that to believe a lie when we see not thro’ the eye, which was born in a night to parish in a night when the soul slept in beams of light.”

Every time we look at something and think thats our identity. I look at my body and I see it with my senses and I think I can touch it with my senses. But we’re led to believe a lie when we believe thats who we are. We just see through the eye not with the eye. The eye, like all of the rest of our senses was just born in a night to perish in a night.

The soul, the infinite part of us that is truly connected to God, is infinite.”

On The Master Cleanse

It turns out Dr. Dyer did go past that 10 day mark. He talked about his continuing of The Master Cleanse. “I’m on day 11 of my Master Cleanse. Its hard to imagine after 10 solid days of no food whatsoever other than lemonade I’ve still got a lot of gunk coming out of my body.

[And] without cheating once. I actually feel great. I’ve taken weight off my middle, which is the one place that I seem to gain and it just seems to disappear. I’ve lost 14 or 15 pounds.

I actually feel that I have more energy. I’ve been getting plenty of nutrition and not a lot of calories but I don’t feel like I’ve been putting myself in any jeopardy. Although it depends on who you listen to. I’ve been sent messages by people who tell me they’ve done this and dropped that.

It’s been a glorious journey.

[I don’t know how long I will go for]. One day at a time. Its a journey of 1,000 miles.

Its all just great I’m feeling terrific about it.

Im 72 years old and I’ve never gone more than a day or two without eating. Maybe when I had a flu or something many years ago. To see if I could do this and laugh at hunger and just not be obsessed by it [was important]. It feels very good; I feel much lighter and stronger and I actually have more of a clarity, the kind of a clarity that I haven’t had.

I feel that its given me an awareness. I talk about who we are and we are not our bodies, we are not our possessions, we are not what we own and not what we accomplish and not our reputations and who we are is infinite. Its giving me an opportunity to challenge myself.”

On Learning from the Masters

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Another topic Dyer covered in his interviews was being a student of other great teachers. “I know it sounds sort of esoteric and out there and kind of weird but my whole life I feel like I have been in what I call ascended master training. I think I’ve been guided by angels and whatever you want to call it. When I needed to make a certain turn in the road toward where my writing was to go somebody would show up like a Saint Francis or a Lao Tzu or Yogananda or Sri Yukteswar or Sai Baba. Or contemporary people like Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde. People that would just move me in a different direction; Carlos Castaneda and on and on and on they go. All these great teachers. William Blake and so many of the great poets. In fact I wrote a whole book about them and all of their influences called Wisdom of the Ages.

There were just like angels picking me up and putting me in place and placing me because I have a tendency to get to close to the edge in my life as sort of a risk taker.

Even with this cleanse kind of thing. I do 10 days and I say let’s see what 20 looks like.

The envelope is always being pushed. But when I would get to close someone would just pick me up. There are just so many examples I can think of in my life.

Especially now as Im getting to write about a lot of the different callings and the various angels that have shown up in my life to keep me in the path that I was destined to be on and teach. Im going to go back through those and share that in an autobiographical format. I’m getting ready to do that writing.

I really don’t think anything happens by accident. How I happen to be just doing this right now, I gave a lecture in Vancouver a couple weeks ago. There were 2,800 people in the room and only a few were able to get through to me after the talk because I just got jammed and I had an interview to do right after. This one fellow got through and gave me a copy of this and told me that he really felt it was imperative that he got to talk to me. He was the only one that got through and I spent an hour with him in the afternoon.

It was that experience, thats what Im writing about. The little things that I recall as I go back into my childhood.”

On Being the Master (Trainer)

Dyer also had a great story to share about someone he ran into in Maui. “I swim every evening around sunset for about an hour or so and I go in this hot tub and I let this blasting water come on to my back.

I was in that hot tub and this lady was in there and she was talking to me about this crisis that happened to her about two years ago

She didn’t [recognize me] at first. But as I started talking to her her husband recognized me.

I said ‘What was this crisis?’ Because they were here in Hawaii to celebrate. She said ‘My son got Leukemia.’ And it was a very serious kind of leukemia, AML, ‘and he went through all kinds of treatments so were here celebrating his life.’

I told her that I had a diagnosis of leukemia and I told her a bit of experience of moving past that in my “I AM’s” and how Im declaring myself to be in perfect health and doing this cleanse and doing these kinds of things is just something I’ve really felt like I’ve been guided to do. And internally when I get these really strong knowings to do this cleanse and that this is the path Im to take and I’m removing some of the toxicity from my body that I’ve been carrying around for a long time it doesn’t make any difference what anyone else says to me or tells me. I just have an absolute knowing that this was all orchestrated by something thats moving all of the pieces around thats something much bigger than I am.

So I was telling her this and she started saying to me ‘My son is here and he’s coming down would you talk to him?’ His name is Travis and he’s 28 years old and they all got in the hot tub and we all did maybe a half an hour session.

I started talking to him about this mindset. He was having some alcohol and he was a bit overweight now and he had gotten off the chemo and I talked to him about treating his body like this and you’ll bring back what is so much of the fear and the stress. Leukemia can be seen as a disease or it can be seen as your body’s way of healing. It can be seen as a process and now you’re going right back to putting alcohol in your body and eating foods that are not healthy for you.

He said ‘Oh my God this is exactly what I needed to hear.’ They were all gathered around and this was just one of those moments.

I wasn’t even going to go into the hot tub that night so its like every time you start thinking should I, shouldn’t I, Im in charge, Im not in charge. Who knows what his impact will be in the inter connectedness of it all. I just felt so really deliciously good about this young man and being able to make an impact.

I was very firm with him about you’ve been given this diagnosis you’re clearing it out of your system and literally are you going back to behaving and acting and living in the same ways that you did? Because if you do you’ll just bring this thing back again. Thats sort of the way I feel about whats going on with me, the cleanse and all of this.”

On Doctors

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Dyer also had some interesting words about doctors.

Dr. Perlmutter, along with Dr. Al Villoldo wrote this great book called Power Up Your Brain. He does talk about fasting as part of this program to give yourself more mental clarity. I guess theres a lot of truth to that.

“I think there is [a lot of truth to fasting as part of this program to give yourself more mental clarity].

I think what happens is the body; most of the spiritual practices that I’ve read about have recommended a periodic fasting like 1 day per week because our organs or cells get used to this idea that we’re always going to get used to giving them something to eat and usually its something that isn’t really the best thing for the organism. A lot of fructose and sugars and dairy things and so on. If you take a day or two each week and don’t put any food in there in the spiritual practices the theory there is it forces your organs and your cells and so on to go to work and do the work that they are designed to do in the first place.

For me I’ve found this isn’t really a fast. You’re drinking fresh squeezed organic lemon juice and pure maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Thats it.

[It doesn’t taste horrible], it tastes like lemonade.

I’m 25 days in of cleansing and theres still things in me obviously that have been in there a lot longer than 25 days. More like 25 years. It kind of releases them and gets the mucus out of you.

Anyway its been a fascinating process and its the first time I’ve ever allowed myself it. But after today I go off of it tomorrow. When you go off of it you don’t just go back to eating solid food. You start by drinking orange juice and eating oranges and then vegetable broth. It takes about 3 days before you’re back to eating regular solid food.

For years now I haven’t eaten meat and very very little chicken. But I do eat seafood. Mostly fruits and vegetables.

Its been quite a journey. I’ve gotten very familiar with the toilet and with my lemon squeezer.

As soon as the show is over I’m going to be writing.

On Healing with The Masters

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