Ah poop. It’s fun to use such silly words to describe such unpleasant topics. Master Cleanse poop, stool, bowel movements, BM’s, or whatever you want to call them are a critically important and telling process of the cleanse.

Cleanse Poop Stages over Time

Your Master Cleanse stool, or bowel movements will vary over time during the course of the cleanse, eventually being mostly liquid and will contain some old, solid waste matter from your colon, digestive track and from the mucus membranes from each and every deep dark corner of your body where toxins were sequestered to as to prevent from causing more damage to the body’s systems.

  1. Ease-In Poop Guide: If you choose to ease in you will not see much difference in your poop as you’re still eating foods. But, by doing the Ease-In, you will quicken the transition from solid to liquid stool more quickly during the Lemonade Diet days 1 through 4.
  2. Lemonade Diet Poop Guide – Day 1-4: On day 1 of your lemon juice cleanse you will take your laxative the night before you start your cleanse (cleansers eve), on the last day of your (optional) Ease-In or regular eating. You will likely still have 1 maybe two “normal” bowel movements due to the transit time the food you ate the day before. Day 2 however is the biggest change in this stage.
  3. Lemonade Diet Poop Guide – Days 4 and Beyond: By day 4 you might be saying to yourself (hmmm), my poop is yellow. Is that normal? And the answer is yes. It’s a yellow water poop with a few floaters here and there. Well many, many floaters if you’re really looking.
  4. Ease-Out Poop Guide: On day 1 of your Ease-Out, the orange juice day, you may get your first natural, solidish bowel movement without using the Salt Water Flush or the Herbal Laxative Detox Diet. It will be squeezy and scattered and light brown even orange a little (not surprisingly). This stool will be loose. Day two, it will all come together (literally). Your poop will gradually become more normal.

Stool as your Elimination Vehicle

During our Master Cleanse, poop acts as our most obvious elimination vehicle or detox system our body uses to remove waste and toxins from our physical body.

  1. Breathing: Surprisingly our most prolific detoxer. We breath out fat, we breath out toxins. Using breathing exercises to optimize your breathing detox
  2. Sweating: Using our largest detox organ, our skin. Try steams, light exercise, infrared saunas to sweat more.
  3. Urinating: You’ll be urinating a lot. I mean a tonne. It’s a little annoying but feels awesome. You’re never as hydrated as you are while on The Master Cleanse (if done properly)
  4. Defecation: Poop! Yay poop. Just make you poop or your cleanse is back-firing. You need this elimination vehicle cause you got a lot of toxic deportees being detained and lined up for removal.

Monitoring your Master Cleanse Poop

In order to ask the question, what should my poop look like, begs the question, what are you doing looking at your poop in the first place. Well it’s natural. Most animals will stick their noses in deep to get a good whiff. Some will even eat it (I am looking at you dogs and monkeys). They do this to monitor their health. They can tell if their well, or what type of disease they have by their poop. We all need to be better poop doctors and at least know what out poops should look like (see the graphic below). In most cases you’ll get bored really quick because all you’ll ever notice is that your poop is a yellow water.

My Poop is Yellow Water. Is that Normal?


Next question.

Seriously tough, you drinking a lot of lemon. Which is yellow. You’re not eating solids (also know as liquid water). So ya your poop should be yellow water.

Other Types of Cleanse Poops

Various other forms of questions regarding the Master Cleanse and poo tend to revolve around these big 3:

  1. The Poop Rope: The mythical cleanse poop rope that people claim to remove ‘mucoid rope‘ or plaque from their intestines. I’ve never seen it, but people say it happens, and that master cleanse poop ropes can happen too. If it’s happened for you, please let us know. And please, don’t send photos :)
  2. Constipated (Non) Poop: People complain they are constipated. First of all, of course you are. You’re not taking fibre so you won’t produce a typical bowel movement. That’s why we do The Salt Cleanse as well as the Senna detox tea. If you’re doing one or both of these elimination methods and your still not moving at least once per day, then you’re truly “master cleanse constipated”. You need to up dosages or correct mistakes in your procedure to ensure one of those methods works for you. Without them, all the toxins being stirred up form the lemon cleanser will be sitting in your intestines, making you sick and even more toxic.
  3. Parasite Poops: As the body becomes more alkaline from the lemon and the cayenne breaking up mucus an eliminating through our movements, the living environment for parasites and other microorganisms becomes hostile (I know, poor parasite). This makes the master cleanse an effective parasite cleanse, but when doing just the master cleanse and not another parasite cleanse as well, the process can take a long time, however many people do report seeing a parasite, come out whole, or in parts in their yellow liquid poop. Don’t be surprised. Do be disgusted. And do send photos (but warn us first).

Master Cleanse Poop Pictures: (What should my poo look like)?

On that note, please don’t send us all kinds of master cleanse poop pictures. Your photos should be taken for your own health monitoring and self-care experience journalling, but we don’t need to see them and neither does anyone else. That said, if something remarkable occurs like a parasite making an appearance or the loch ness poop rope monster appears, sure send it in We’re students of the game and that’s an interesting development. Otherwise, here’s a simple chart of what your Poop should look like: