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Full Partner Opportunity - Read Close, this is a significant position.

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then the COMMUNITY & CONTENT MANAGER  position could be perfect for you!

  1. Are you passionate about the Detox/Cleansing/Weight-Losse and Alternative Health and want to help educate others on all of the benefits of cleansing?
  2. Are you motivated, entrepreneurial, and looking for valuable experience in Internet Marketing?
  3. Do you want to join a growing team responsible for millions of website visits each year and potentially owning a significant piece of it?
  4. Are you looking for the freedom to work flexible hours and locations on things you enjoy doing?
  5. Are you ready to take your career into the next level, and a whole new direction?

As the Community & Content Manager of TheMasterCleanse.org, a Content Website Business, you will be equal parts Manager, Editor, and Marketer.

This is a serious position for a real business.

The Community Manager, or Website General Manager is responsible for the Voice of the Website.

NOTE: TheMasterCleanse.org is in the Wellness Space and the successful candidate will have a passion for the subjects of (Diet, Detox, and Holistic Health) and related fields. Those without this passion, or potential to become a full partner, and the "FACE" of the site and its' products need not apply (but thanks for checking us out, perhaps there is another way you can work with us).

About You (The Ideal Candidate)

Perhaps you've been in Internet Marketing but only operating in some aspects and not others. Perhaps you've edited or contributed to a major blog or website.

Maybe you've managed a group of writers, contributors or other creative, editorial type teams.

In short, we're looking for potential, and will provide the platform for you to become experienced in a senior management position.

Are you ANY one of these:

  • A health/wellness and weight loss/management fanatic Writer or Blogger or Editor that wants to increase your experience or profile
  • A cleansing / weight loss / health / life Coach who helps, trains and supports people locally, or perhaps through other websites.
  • A certified Nutritionist, or Holistic Practitioner who wants to create an online business, or build your profile.

The successful candidate will have experience in several of these areas, and while extensive training and support will be provided on our systems, there should be very few facets of the business that cause you to think "I can't do that".

Rather, if you can answer "I CAN DO THAT" to 80% of the following, we want to hear from you (even if you're just confident that you can do it if you tried):

What's in it for you?

#1 - First and foremost, a full living wage.

You'll earn a combination of a BASE salary and commissioned revenue sharing.

You will be paid depending on experience, but we'll provide you will a competitive full-time wage with a floor starting salary of $2,000/month. Revenues are currently sufficient  such that you will earn on average, $1,000 per month on top of that. If you do a great job, that number can easily be $2,500 per month making your total earnings at $60,000 per year.

We don't offer traditional benefits like 401k's or Health Insurance, but we do provide you with some outstanding Perks:

  • Revenue Sharing: We'll calculate your contributions, and top up your salary each month based on your performance, the performance of the community and the performance of the business (website), in terms of income, profit, and growth.
  • Equity Sharing (Potential): We'll also attribute your contributions to an algorithm that will calculate your potential ownership stake in the business if you were to graduate, or be vested to an appropriate term (TBD).
  • Full Partner Opportunity: You can earn a full, vested partnership as you're contributions and equity become significant enough over time.
  • Career Training: OneWebsite, the owners of this property specialize in building software and teams to manage websites of this size. We have extensive training of all facets of this job, and other jobs required to run a websit of this nature. If you're so willing, you could go to school on us, leveraging your experience, and positioning yourself for lateral and vertical moves both within our company, and the industry in general. Of course we hope you stay with us.
  • Exposure:  Have yourself, your own websites, blogs or businesses exposed to our large audience
  • Credibility: Establishing yourself not only as an expert on managing communities, but also in our field of coverage.
  • Flexible Schedule: Work from home, remotely, while travelling or at a trade convention. We're a virtual office, so there's support here, but no commute, and no cubicle.
  • Furnished Goods: Access to samples provide by companies for review as well
  • Satisfaction: Of leading a Niche leading publication and helping millions of people with their own personal wellness experience.


  • Manage documents and accounts related to our content and promotional partners (training on our system provided)
  • Manage the intake of Guest Posts and Featured Columnists, and educating contributors on best-practices (training on our system provided). You'll get to interact with the coolest community of bloggers and commenters on the planet and build some amazing relationships. You'll meet with other community Managers and build a network of resources for yourself and our community.
  • Edit, Optimize and Publish posts in the Editorial Calendar (training on our system provided), including writing blog posts and sharing your insights on Detox, Diets, Wellness and more
  • Distribute and Syndicate our Content through our Social Channels (training on our system provided)
  • Support our Community on our Website, Social Channels, by Email, through our Support System, and on our Out-Reach partner channels by answering their questions and providing solutions to their problems using our content, and the content of our partners. (training on our system provided). You'll join in on dozens of awesome conversations every day. Get to know the community members, be the face of our business. Become known to be counted on.
  • Identify the best community members across social media platforms and the site, and encourage them to graduate to higher levels of contributions and rewards.

Bonus Points

  • Developing strategies to increase engagement and interaction.
  • Measure, analyze, measure some more, and report.


  • Considerable and demonstrable passion for Wellness, Health, Longevity etc.
  • Significant Experience working with WordPress CMS (you don't have to be an expert, but you know what's what).
  • Experience with Document Building: Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Databases, Google Docs, etc.
  • 2-5 years Experience in either (Internet Marketing, Content Production, Social Media, SEO, Affiliate Marketing)
  • You should be a self starter, able to work independently and meet deadlines
  • General Internet and Computer Savvy. We don't mind training you, but you have to keep up.
  • You type faster than you talk
  • You research and socialize at the same time sometimes while you sleep
  • You share content, and CREATE content. Your a PRODUCER, not just a consumer (but your that too).
  • You want to join a TEAM that works together for the benefit of everyone in the Community, yourself and readers included
  • Willingness to join an exciting team with ambitions for growth in our company
  • Willingness to learn quickly and to be trained on in-demand skills
  • Tenacious enthusiasm for content creation, internet marketing, social media and supporting team members
  • Excellent General Computer Skills (Browsing, Social Networking, Searching, Typing Skills, etc.)
  • Demonstrated proof of social media experience, engagement and relationship building
  • Excellent Communication and Writing Skills
  • Access to your own Computer and High Speed Internet
  • Command of English Language: Speak, Read and Write English EXTREMELY Well (over-seas is OK, all are welcome).
  • Work any and all hours required for your earnings to soar! This isn't a 9-5 job. Your flexible, and accountable, and work when needed.

Bonus Points

  • Bachelors Degree in Communications or relevant field, or Master of the "School of Hard Knocks"
  • Medical / Health field distinction or training. MD, PHD, Certifications etc.

About TheMasterCleanse.org

This site  is an online magazine about ‘The Master Cleanse’ cleansing program, cleansing in general, detox diets and alternative health management.

The Master Cleanse, (also known as ’the lemonade diet’) rests and relieves the digestive system, allowing the body to heal and eliminate toxins. It also produces significant weight loss in a safe and efficient manner.

TheMasterCleanse.org is managed by Onewebsite Solutions Incorporated, a Website  Development Company that specializes in Content Website Business, or what are more commonly referred to as Blogs, or what are really Online Magazines that produce and distribute Content through a central website, and it's extended network of Social Properties.

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