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It’s Way Easier with the Support of a Group

For many of us, The Master Cleanse Experience is all about starting fresh, making changes and sharing with each other for support and encouragement. And since we all eat so much over the holidays, I have noticed that many people are likely to start the Master Cleanse after New Years, Easter, Summer Holidays and after Fall Holiday. It seemed logical to create The Quarterly Master Cleanse Group Cleanse.

The Group Cleanse will not only give us the forum to support each other, doing The Master Cleanse together, but also enables us to track our experiences by setting standards to the conversation. If we all just posted random thoughts we would get a lot less value from the comments. But if the comments are structured, and relevant by time and topic, we can gain even more insight, more quickly and more effectively. Therefore, we ask participants to start and finish the Master Cleanse on the same dates.

We also provide 5 topics to post comments about to further structure the advice and questions from our participants. Our entries on the these specific topics will act as a Daily Journal, open for the support of, and from the entire community. Each quarterly cleanse, we’ll reward all those who leave comments in general, but specifically, if you complete the entire Master Cleanse, and Journal Daily on these Daily Journal Pages, you’ll be eligible for some really great rewards.

Post Your Comments Each Day on These Diary Journal Pages

Dates for the Master Cleanse Group Cleanse Experience. If you must start the a day or two before or after our dates and you still want to participate, simply make your comments in your own journal using Microsoft Word or any other Text editor on your computer. Then simply post your feelings on the appropriate days and topics. Registration is always open for Open Classes, the day before The Ease-In date for each event. 

  1. My Group Experience Home & Registration
  2. Psychological Emotional
  3. The Process and The Lemonade
  4. Weight Loss and Physical
  5. Detox and Salt Water Flush
  6. Support – Social, Friends and Family
  7. General Questions and Comments

Each Group Experience will start on the first FULL Monday (never the day following, but the next week) Following each major holiday or seasonal change of Winter (Christmas and New Years), Spring (Easter), Summer (Independence Day), and Fall.

Duration of the Group Cleanse

Each Group Cleanse will last 16 days including both the Ease-In, Lemonade Diet, and Ease-Out. The total time on the Lemonade Diet will be 10 Days. We start on the first full Monday after a major holiday. In my opinion the timing is the easiest after these major holidays, and on these particular days. This allows for us to Start the Ease-In on a Friday. The Lemonade Diet will start on the following Monday and conclude 10 days later. The Ease-Out will begin on Thursday and end on Saturday, leaving Sunday for the first full day of eating wisely.

Group Cleanse Comment Posting

Once you register (and even if you don’t) you can start to post your experiences on each topics pages by posting your comments to each page. 


Most of all enjoy the experience and HAPPY CLEANSING…


  1. Lillian Sanderson

    This is my 9 day but screwed up last night and had corn on the cob and a sweet donut.Hope to have a better day today,

  2. KaraAa

    So I just started yesterday. Didn’t do the SWF yesterday. But this morning I did. I eased into it. So far going very well. I eased into it. But I have a question my BM are clear is that normal. Especially for being the second day??

  3. Renee

    Hey guys! I just finished the 3 day ease in process. Today is day one of the actual cleanse process. Looking forward to the next ten days!

  4. Sandy Lovorn

    Hello. I’m Sandy. Starting the Master Cleanse today. Did the salt water flush first thing this morning, when I start feeling hungry I drink my lemonade/cayenne/syrup. Made family dinner tonight, took a couple of bites because my self control was lacking. I wasn’t even that hungry. So, I am not going to be hard on myself, but will do better tomorrow. After reading about the ease in and ease out…I’m just saying today was an ‘ease in’ day and I did GREAT!! No shame. My stomach is growling as I type and it’s 10:05 pm and I’m planning on rocking it out tomorrow. Apparently I can still keep my workouts up throughout the cleanse. I think I will!

  5. Rose

    I’m on day 8…feeling kinda exhausted. When I talk my diaphragm feels overworked and my taste buds are lifted. Wondering if I should continue.

    • Hannah Levine

      Can I use cayenne pepper capsules instead? Will it be as effective? I can’t stand the cayenne pepper powder. :(

  6. Sara

    Hello!! This is my 2nd time trying. First tine was 2 years ago, did it for 3 days only but lost 4kg! Then food won. I started again yesterday this time round I did easy-in so I am hoping that will give me strength. Today is my 1st official day without solids. Just finished my sea salt water flush! Fingers crossed!!

    By the way, my friend did it last year for whole 27 days and lost just over 23kg!! She looks amazing. Went to the gym and started a healthy lifestyle and managed not to put any weight back on.

    IT WORKS!!

  7. Rose

    Day 7 for me, yeah babyyy! I lost 13lbs so far. This is my second time and I couldn’t have made a better decision than this. The first time I did the Master Cleanse, my cousins and I decided to do it collectively back in 2003…what an experience that was! We were very supportive of each other and managed to stick it out to the end. This go round, I’m doing it independently, a little bit more challenging, but I’m pushing through. Every day when I look in the mirror I can see my inches melting right off the handles. I’m a living testament that the 4 ingredients combined can do wonders.

    Let’s keep pushing to completion folks. Yahweh is amazing!

  8. Jacky

    Day One of Master Cleanse. I have already drunken two cups of the Master Cleanse, and I plan to have a light meal for lunch. So far, not hungry or feeling bad.

    • Ashley

      You are not doing the master cleanse if you are having a light meal for lunch…

  9. Lee

    Today is day 5 for me. To inspire those that want to keep active: I did a duathlon today (& placed!) I felt great other than my usual body aches with running. This is my 4th master cleanse, and I have always been able to keep running 3-5 miles daily and biking 10 or more miles 4 days/week all the way through the cleanse. I find the drink very filling so I don’t quite get the 8 glasses/day, but I am already pretty light so I need less calories. (I don’t do this for the weight loss; rather, to decrease cravings which it does so very nicely.)

  10. Patricia

    Hello my name is Patricia and this is my 3rd time trying to cleanse. First time was 15 years ago, I lost 9 lbs in four days and fell off the wagon. Back then didn’t have the support that there seems to be now. I tried for the second time 2 years ago and I couldn’t do it again 3 days and didn’t follow through.. so I really need this to work as I feel I am not doing well in life because of my weight.
    I didn’t do the ease in, just bought what I needed yesterday and I did the bowel movement tea last night and this morning as I woke up I did that saltwater flush, and and now I am waiting for it to work it’s magic. So I just saw this page and sharing.
    I hope this works I feel it must.


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