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Support Topic: The Process and The Lemonade Diet

This page is a Support Topic Page for The Process and The Lemonade Diet for our Master Cleanse Group Cleanse. Please check that page for details on our Quarterly Cleanses and our Individual Cleanses.

The Group Cleanse will not only give us the forum to support each other, doing The Master Cleanse together, but it also enables us to track our experiences by setting standards to the conversation. If we all just posted random thoughts we would get a lot less value from the comments. But if the comments are structured, and relevant by time and topic, we can gain even more insight, more quickly and more effectively. Therefore we ask participants to start and finish the Master Cleanse on the same dates.

This page is the place for participants in the The Master Cleanse Group Experience to post their daily entries. To post, simply leave a comment. You don’t have to be logged in to post. Please provide 100 words each day – don’t worry; that’s not that much. The paragraph below, for example, is 100 words.

The Master Cleanse is a process. And it’s more than just making the lemonade diet drink each time you’re hungry. To successfully get through a protocol like this you need to consciously into a process, a routine so that you come to depend on what’s next. For example, first thing, SWF, next perhaps your normal morning routine, followed by the eliminations from the SWF. Once those start you can have your first lemonade. Maybe you want 4 lemonades by lunch, and 6 after. When is your peppermint tea break? Do you workout during the day? How do you manage work schedule? You get the point.

What is the process you go through to make your Lemonade each day? Do you have any tips? How are you changing this process, if at all, over time? Do you use 2 chugabbles or make 1 glass at a time like Stanley Burroughs suggested. What alternatives to the Lemonade Diet have you used *(Check for generally accepted practices). Do you add anything to the process like Psyllium or Bentonite? How do you manage your day? Do you do make the Lemonade in the morning? Do you sip it all day or take big gulps when your most hungry?

If you are not participating, you can follow the post to get inspiration to try the cleanse or answer the most basic question: Is The Master Cleanse right for me?

Keep it simple, just talk in your own language about your daily experience. The more you are yourself, the more others will connect with you – and the more you can connect with what they are saying – which is what we want after all, a strong support network through a group experience.

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and register for the Group Cleanse to get our “Guided Cleanse Experience” email sequence timed to correspond with your registration and the important days as the come up during our scheduled group cleanses.


  1. Alvin

    Day 5 – Surprisingly doing better than expected, even without eating solids for about 115 hours. Now, I didn’t go into it cold turkey, I prepared myself for the 10-day journey by doing a little intermittent fasting, 16/8 to be specific, about 10 days prior.

    On day 1-2, made the mistake of using tablespoon for salt, almost made me quit. Other than that, it’s been a breeze so far. Last night, day 4, I wasn’t hungry enough for the last two lemonades, but still push through since I want to stay consistent with my 8 glasses a day. My lemonade routine is two glass mixes every two hour intervals, starting after 10am and finishing before 8pm, this trying to stick with the intermittent fasting I started earlier and also allows the salt water flush to end.

    I planned to wake up an hour ealier to allow the salt water flush to work before I start my day. I intended to also do my P90X3 workout just before the flush, but haven’t been able to, so I am doing my workout in the afternoons. Just wanted to mentioned that I had just finished a round of P90X3 as I started the cleanse, this to also prep my body and minimize the impact on my my muscles and joints. I am repeating last week of P90X3 routine as it low intensity, mostly full body workouts. I right away noticed an increase in flexibility after a day of fasting and on. I can’t explained why, but could say that not eating inflammatory foods might be helping me reach such flexibility, just a guess.

    After this cleanse, I will restart another full round of P90X3 and assess the possibility to do another cleanse in 6 more months, especially after holidays.

    Looking forward to finish soon and follow up with better eating habits from now on.

    Feel free to reach out if have any questions about what I wrote above or my experience. My email is

    Wish you the best!


  2. Jacky

    Day One of cleanse. I plan to have a light meal for lunch, and do a salt water cleanse this afternoon.

  3. Shawn Michael McKendry

    Hello, everybody! As I’ve said in my other posts today, I just found this website, so I’m jumping in where I already am in my process. I am now on day four, and I’d like to share a bit about my process of creating my lemonade for each intake.

    I recognize that it takesfar less time to pour, shake, squeeze, cut, and drink my lemonade for each intake then it dies for traditionally eating food. For example, even if I go buy something outside my home, it takes time to walk or drive, stand in lines, wait for it to be served to me, and eat any food. Preparing food at home takes far longer, but that is a net positive trade off, having the benefit of controlling the substances and the energy that goes into what I’m about to eat. Nevertheless, the master cleanse frees up so much time, it’s easy to take it for granted that we have such a short preparation process for our daily sustenance with the lemonade.

    After six previous attempts at the cleanse over the last eight years, I am finally digging my heels in and insisting that every one of my lemonade intakes is with organic, freshly squeezed lemons that are hand squeezed by me, literally seconds before I drink my lemonade. When I’m leaving the house, and I’m going to be gone for a few hours, I take a knife, paper towels, and a few of the ripest lemons I have along with a jug of water that has Cayanne pepper and my maple syrup already mixed in. I’m hoping that thise two ingredients just sitting in water are not spoiling. I’m sure that they are fine for a few hours at most, but my lemons are the key to squeeze and juice right before I drink my lemonade.

    I continue with this process, and I intend to be successful after hitting my 14 day goal. The bigger goal will be after I begin re-introducing food to my body, and seeing how long I can sustain a vegan and eventually, selectively eating any animal products and meat, hopefully no sooner than two weeks after I’m done with my cleanse.

    Good luck to everybody!

  4. Naeemah

    Day 6!!!!

    Doing awesome! Woke up to gas pains & cramping from the tea last night! Everytime I do the tea my adominals are in pain but it’s all worth it! I realize the lemonade is key, you just have to find the right balance for you. I’ve noticed on the days that my schedule is super busy, which is most days, I feel I need to do a “double”. My energy stays up when I do that. I no longer get hungry or even want to eat. The first couple days I dreamt about broccoli etc etc but I’m passed that point. The finish line I can see now! The hardest part with all of this is not going out to eat with my family & friends! I miss having my wine & cheese with my hubby! I’m glad I can go back soon to my clean eating, food will no longer be the focal point of everything I do, I appreciate the value in not wasting any food, or the homeless person who’s not going eat at all! And I’ve set the example for my family to see we all need to take control of our eating. Don’t be a slave to it!


  5. Naeemah Rennie

    Day 3 Wednesday
    Woke up with cramps & hunger pains. Had a BM at 3:45am! After the bm I had
    No More Hunger Pains! I’m kinda wide awake! I feel rested, but I’ll go back to sleep….Time to get up soon!
    Got back up at 6a, felt really rested, did the SWF..all is good! I did say to myself a couple of times, “you haven’t eaten anything” then I said you better grab a lemonade!! LOL But no headaches today and I even worked out this morning!
    I keep thinking about broccoli…..

    How soon can I have wine? Miss that 4 ‘hour. lol

  6. Naeemah

    Day 2. Master Cleanser

    Slept fine but woke up hungry a couple of times & not tired in the head but I have a faint headache.
    Immediately upon rising, I had an elimination!!
    Yayyy!! Now SWF!
    So far I feel great! I know I can get through this. My will is not to quit! Especially after ordering a cheese burger & fries for my son last night & not eating it at all! The smell….felt like I was eating it just from the smell! Lol
    I’m focused tho….changing my relationship with food is the key for me. Minute by minute! Hour by hour! Day by day!

    Oh just a side note the daily email in the morning is the most! Set you up for the day!! From Zero to Master Cleanse. Love it! Thanks Mike!


  7. Aneta

    My husband & I are doing a cleanse for the first time! He plans on 21 days, I plan on 14! We had everything ready to go & it’s now 3:22 & since 11am we are both starving (lol) it’s crazy how hungry we feel & how much we want to eat anything at all! We really want to get through this successful! I feel like I could use a day nap (which I never do) & not sure where I’m going to get the energy to do my intense workout this evening!

  8. Samantha

    DAY 1 – Since I’m craving a coffee right now, I’m going to have a peppermint tea.

    I already had 1 lemonade for the morning…I skipped the salt water flush today.. and I will do a smooth move later.

    I juiced my lemons which is kept in a jar, and same with the maple syrup.

  9. Shari

    I have done the master cleanse twice a year for about 10 years now and I love it. It’s not easy but the rewards are worth it. I always feel great afterwards. Good luck to everyone.

    • Mike Olaski

      Hi Shari, welcome and good luck. You might be interested in our new Cleanse Quarterly Club, design for those perpetually managing their health through periodic cleanses, fasts, diets, detox and other wellness programs. It’s based on The Master Cleanse 1-4 times per year, but features variations and alternatives each quarter along with great ingredients and tools for your home and kitchen… Check it out:

  10. nicole leewarner

    Day 1 – Was actually yesterday for us. My husband and I did the cleans about 7 years ago, so the process wasn’t too hard to figure out. I felt a bit tired and allowed myself a midmorning nap. I found myself watching people eat, and missing the social aspect of it, but not really too hungry. I am happy to be on this journey to health.


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