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This site  is an online magazine about The Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet) cleansing program, cleansing in general, detox diets and alternative health management.

About The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse, (also known as ‘the lemonade diet') rests and relieves the digestive system, allowing the body to heal and eliminate toxins. It also produces significant weight loss in a safe and efficient manner.

Much like the  intravenous solutions that doctors use to help heal wounded people, The Master Cleanse works internally to help your body function normally by removing toxins. It also allows your digestive system to slow down and conserve energy. The body moves from constantly working against negativity after it eliminates the toxins that have collected in your body for years.

Of the many benefits of The Master Cleanse, the two most popular are the safe and rapid weight loss and the resulting added energy. While mild cold-like symptoms may be experienced on The Master Cleanse, they are only temporary, and if present, these symptoms generally decrease as the diet progress. This reflects the rate and quantity of toxins being eliminated from the body.

The Master Cleanse was designed as a simple and effective plan that anyone can follow. The ingredients to the diet are few in number and simple, but as they are organic, they may not be available at just any supermarket. Your local organic supermarket should have what you need.

The MasterCleanse.Org also offers pre-packaged kits and accessories that will give you everything you need to master your experience.

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  1. I would like to know how I can get a hold of the original book (written by the Original Author). I am doing a write up about “The Grandfathers & Grandmothers of the Natural Health Industry in North America. I owned a few copies of his book in the 80’s. If he is still alive today, he would be at least 100! If you or anyone remembers his name (The name of the book was The Master Cleanse) it would be much appreciated! It’s great that your company is educating the public of this wonderful healing cleanse! I stumbled across his book at a health food store in the late 80’s while going through tests for bowel and stomach cancer. The cleanse itself, cured me of stomach ulcers and I was able to go off all of my medication. If anyone knows his name, please post.

  2. I want to know what is the worst effect u could encounter on this diet and the solution about it …if anybody i ve heard about antacid or acetaminophen effect while on the detox …?…is there any pre-detox before the master cleanse so someone would maximize the benefit of it ?
    Who can t do it ?

  3. Hi, I just completed the 10day fast! Whoa! I am so proud of myself!
    But I couldn’t have completed it without reading my bible and praying. It was a good time to reflect and build relationship with my God.
    Now I am ready to go into my exit. The 11th day sounds like i’m still fasting, only with orange juice. Is this true? Please help me understand what my day is suppose to look like. And the 12th day, it sound like I can have all the vegetable soup I want. Will I need to continue to drink the lemonade during these 2 days? I know I have a lot of questions, as you can read, I need help. Please send help. Thank you, Arlene Young

  4. Excellent blog here! Also your site loads up fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  5. I’m on my 5 th day and this is the 5th time I’m doing the clease. I need to take the flu shot and was wondering if I should wait until I’m done with the clease. Also, I have high blood pressure and read the the salt is not absorbed by my blood. Just wante to double check because I have been taking my medication regularly and never had any problems in the past.

    • Please do not take the flu shot, it is useless and will add more toxine into your body. Wait till you finish your master cleanse and take spiruline or chlorella to strengthen your immune system, this will keep you out of the flu. Vaccins have lots of bad stuff and make you go again into the circle of sickness (sorry for my bad english)

  6. I want to know how to join. I will be starting the master cleanse on May, 1 2011 and would like to draw support from this blog.

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