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I define a cleanse as something you do to a system of your body, like a Colon Cleanse, or Liver Cleanse. A detox is something you’re trying to cleanse your system of, like nicotine, marijuana, sugar, or radiation (to name a few sporadic, and dramatic examples). Every Body Detox, refers to detoxing every-body (and not to mention that everybody should detox at least now and then and at least some of the most natural detox, herbal detox, using diets, detox drinks and other methods.

For more specific information on the Master Cleanse, Lemonade Diet, and the processes of losing weight with the original Juice Fast, please check out our articles on each of these categories with the links provided.

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10 Immediate Life-Changes from Detoxing Alone

You might ask yourself, why should I detox? You may answer yourself (aloud if you’re slightly crazier than most): “Because I eat poorly, my health is in decline and I am over-weight, even if just a little.” And those are fantastic reasons. Usually the top top 3 “Shifts” that take place when you detox. But […]

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Letting Go of the Past: The Emotional Detox

Hello Master Cleanse community! I am a new contributor to The Master Cleanse website and this wonderful on line community and I just wanted to take a moment to introduce my self. My name is Erika Dolnackova and I am a Life coach from the city of health-nuts -Vancouver, BC. In the last couple of […]

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Detox Diet Recipes

Detox Diet Recipes: Which is the Best Detox Diet?

Detox Diet Recipes are easy to find, since detox and cleansing diets currently seem to be an extremely popular trend. The concept is simple: cleanse your body of all unhealthy substances. In theory, this method works perfectly, as it essentially strips every “icky” substance out of your body. However, many detox and cleansing diets can […]

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