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  1. I have sent emails to support group but do not receive any response. Is the email monitored and how soon can I expect a reply?

  2. Hi Mike,
    I see you don’t respond to anyone’s comments on here, so I don’t know if you read them or not, but I am on day 7 and starting to get concerned. I didn’t realize HOW MUCH maple syrup I would be consuming. What does all that sugar do to your insulin levels? You said that you monitored yourself extensively and researched a lot about this, so what do you know about what a 14 oz of maple syrup a day does to the body? You compared the salt in the salt water flush to the average american diet, but I don’t think anyone ever consumes the equivalent to 14 oz of maple syrup a day, at least I wouldn’t and with many people being hypoglycemic or at risk for diabetes, I think this is a really good question that you should address.
    I am going to finish the cleanse but I certainly will never do it again until I know that level.

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