First, congratulations on your decision to be well without using pills and surgery. Second, it must be said: If you are in ill health, have any disease or are taking any medications and want to do the Master Cleanse, consult your licensed healthcare professional first. Most especially, do not discontinue any medications without guidance from a licensed healthcare professional.

The various books, reprots and articles of have been written and published strictly for informational and educational purposes only. They are not intended to serve as medical advice or to be any form of medical treatment and is not a substitute for a physician. Again. you should always consult your physician before altering or changing any aspect of your medical treatment and/ or undertaking a diet regimen, including the Master Cleanse.

That said…

Stanley Burroughs would recommended that [highlight]people who are on medications should slowly wean themselves off them over 3 to 4 days[/highlight]. He would suggest that they could possibly go back on their medication, though at a reduced dosage. Check this out with your doctor, before the master cleanse so you can both decide how best to deal with your medications after the master cleanse.

Special Situations and Prescription Medicine on The Master Cleanse

In general, most people can can discount the “special” circumstances as a case of the “yabuts”. We have a tendency to think up reasons we’re unique so we can have extra attention or set ourselves up for failure. The ego is an amazing thing.

But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

There are indeed special situations and certain prescription course that will either preclude you from doing The Master Cleanse or cause you to customize your cleanse with the help of your doctor or health coach / cleanse coach.

Insulin Dependent Diabetics

Mr. Burroughs provides a whole section of detailed instructions for insulin-dependent diabetics in his book Healing for the Age of Enlightenment. See this post for details on how to customize your cleanse for diabetics (in short, use molasses instead of maple syrup),

Transplants or Immunosuppressant Drugs

If you’re in this category, you CAN NOT do The Master Cleanse.

People with transplants or those taking immunosuppressant drugs cannot do the Master Cleanse because the cleanse will stimulate the immune system and can cause the drugs to fail at their obvious #1 job, to suppress the immune system. But isn’t that nice to know that TMC and fasting boosts our immune system?

Can the Master Cleanse Eliminate my Need for Prescriptions


If you’re in a dis-ease state, or in any way suffering from poor health you certainly (in most cases), can and even should do TMC. Again, this case will cause for you to consult the professionals on your wellness team.

But just as I would be remiss if I didn’t clearly disclaim these medical-professional realities, I too would also be doing a disservice if I didn’t tell you just how many people report absolute cures, remissions, healings, and otherwise obviate the need for many medications people are using prior to their cleanse experience.

  1. Diabetes
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Mental Health
  4. Thyroid Medications

To name a few…

If you are in ill health, have any disease or are taking any medications and want to do the Master Cleanse, consult your licensed healthcare professional first. Most especially, do not discontinue any medications without guidance from a licensed healthcare professional.

You can Stop Non-Essential Medications

Non-essential medicines such as cold medications, allergy medications, diet pills, sleeping pills, and even pain medications (not prescribed in regime combined with other prescriptions). that are not necessary for maintaining life, might best be omitted. Often you’ll want to stop, or wean off well before your Master Cleanse, rather than a cold-start/stop situation on day 1 of the fast.

The reason we do TMC is to remove toxins and waste from our physical body and our bodies don’t intrinsically know medications are saviours, they are seen, in most cases as toxins from a digestive standpoint. The idea of trying to remove toxins while adding others at the same time doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Alternate Delivery Methods for Medications

Many people advocate for alternate delivery systems of their medications such as liquids rather than pills assuming (as detailed in notes about cayenne pepper capsules) that adding solids to your digestive system will trigger some digestive response. And while that’s true, the real reason to want to not take most medications is that they are generally well known to be toxic. Don’t think so? Check your label or pamphlet insert disclaimers or just watch late night TV to see how the drug may injure or even kill you long before it helps you.

Phantom Symptoms of Past Medications

Even the pharmaceutical companies know drugs are toxic. And the body can store these toxins over years, so if you had a long, significan regimen of prescription drugs (strong anti-depressant or chemotherapy medicines) your body may have stored these toxins only to be possibly be released while cleansing.

If you are cleansing, and have taken strong medicine in the past, and you begin to notice similar “side” effects of your old medicine, you will want to consider ending the cleanse. You can always to a different form of detox that releases toxins more slowly such as a simple raw food diet with green smoothies and juices.

The vast majority of people who do TMC report that they have no problems with their medications, so if you are on medications that you can’t wean off, and don’t preclude you from cleansing you should have no or little problems. If you do. Consult your team. See your doctor. Give and get more information. Health is a process of feedback that must be engaged in and takes more than 1 person. Don’t go this alone. Get a coach!