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mc-banner-segmentation-detox-and-cleanse-336x60The Master Cleanse, is a cleanse that was first meant to heal ulcers, but when people quickly and frequently reported that many ailments where healed in the process of the cleansing diet, the inventor, decided to name the cleanse the Master Cleanse. For me, cleansing is different that detox, even though many people rarely think to distinguish the difference and use the words interchangeably. For our discussion and learning, I define a cleanse as something you do to a system of your body, like a Colon Cleanse, or Liver Cleanse. A detox is something you’re trying to cleanse your system of, like nicotine, marijuana, sugar, or radiation (to name a few sporadic, and dramatic examples).


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How to Eat After a Cleanse

There are a number of ways to cleanse your body of toxins. Some of the most dramatic methods involve fasting and juice cleanses. These programs require limiting the amount you consume for a period of time or allowing only organic juices to be consumed. There are many people who report positive results from juice fasts […]

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A Candida Cleanse Done Properly: Introduction to Candida Cleansing

Part 1 in our Series on Candida Cleansing (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5) There are many different ways one can eliminate a yeast overgrowth from the body, but unfortunately too much emphasis is placed on “killing the yeast”, without fully understanding the consequences of such an […]

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Maca: The Hormonal Cleanse

Feeling a little hotter than usual? Perhaps your energy or libido levels have dramatically declined? Most likely you’re suffering from a hormonal imbalance. With all of the extra hormones and estrogen that are readily available in our foods and drinking water, it’s hard not to be affected. Hormonal imbalances can occur at any time, though […]

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The Worry Cleanse: 7 Steps to Increase Productivity and Eliminate Stress

Today marks the first day of my Ease-In to my 10th annual Master Cleanse, with my first starting back in 2005, which was a well documented and epic failure. However, I am grateful today for all the success and abundance The Master Cleanse has brought into my life, and as my life is about to […]

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The Cannabis Cleanse

Question: “What’s one of the most toxic and dangerous substances we foolish humans willingly (and mostly happily) consume each and every day?” The answer to that question is what the Cannabis Cleanse aims to solve. The Cannabis Cleanse is as much about the harmful effects of alcohol and “cleansing” or detoxing of alcohol from your diet […]

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Cleopatra, beauty secret, oil cleansing method

Oil Cleansing: Cleopatra’s beauty secret that will give you glowing, healthy skin

Have you been struggling with skin issues and dealing with sensitivities to drugstore cleansers? If your answers is yes, I got a solution for you. And the best part is that you most likely already have it in your kitchen. So what’s the secret? It’s the oil cleansing method. The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) What do […]

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Parasite Cleanse: Remove Parasites while Master Cleansing

Parasites infect everybody. We have all heard about parasites, but what not everyone understands is that we are all victims to them. Parasites are also not well understood; however, we do know that parasites cause disease and therefore a Parasite Cleanse is essential in order to eliminate the parasites, and encourage an at-ease state, as opposed to a dis-ease […]

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